England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)

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The England and Wales Cricket Board was established on January 1, 1997 as the single national governing body for all cricket in England and Wales.

The formation of the ECB was the culmination of a drive towards creating, for the first time, one unified body responsible for the management and development of every form of cricket for men and women. This included clubs, schools, juniors and youth, disabilities cricket, representative, first class and international cricket - the whole game from playground to the Test arena.

 In recent years the ECB has invested a great deal of expertise and resources into modernising and streamlining our structures so that we can effectively support and develop cricket at all levels. As a result, English cricket is enjoying an international and domestic resurgence. This ranges from the introduction of the exciting new Hundred competition through to the participation initiatives such as Dynamos and All Stars Cricket.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) has unveiled its new strategy for the game. “Inspiring Generations” is the blueprint for the future of cricket from grass roots right up to the top end of the professional game.

The new strategy– which will came in January 2020 – will see a significant increase in investment across six priority areas:

GROW AND NURTURE THE CORE – Ensure that there is a thriving county network at the heart of the domestic game
INSPIRE THROUGH ELITE TEAMS – Create and celebrate the heroes at the pinnacle of the elite game
MAKE CRICKET ACCESSIBLE – Give more people the opportunity to engage with cricket more often
ENGAGE CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE – Inspire a new generation of players and fans to develop a love for cricket
TRANSFORM WOMEN’S AND GIRLS’ CRICKET – Drive cricket’s progress to becoming a truly gender-neutral sport
SUPPORT OUR COMMUNITIES – Use our purpose to connect communities and improve lives more broadly across society
In creating its new vision the ECB acknowledges that recreational cricket is the lifeblood of the game.

A full copy of the new strategy can be downloaded via the link below:-

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