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Spacehive empowers you to transform where you live

Dedicated tools to make civic projects simple

We know the funding process can be overly long and complicated so we offer all the tools you need to get your civic idea off the ground. On Spacehive you can showcase your project, attract support, find volunteers, create a wish list of items you need and get matched with relevant funds.

Access lots of funds with just one pitch

Spacehive doesn’t just help you attract pledges from the crowd – our platform integrates directly with leading grantmakers across the country, allowing you to easily apply for grants at the same time as you attract tenners from your friends and neighbours.

A community of change-makers

Using Spacehive is about more than just raising money, it’s about joining a wider community of people actively engaged in transforming where they live. Share ideas, support fellow project creators and become part of a dynamic movement that’s changing how we use our spaces.

Highest success rates

Crowdfunding can be a big challenge, but we’ve got the dedicated tools, resources and community support designed to make it as easy as possible for you – which you can see reflected in our success rate of 49% (higher than any other platform).

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Any Questions?

What is Spacehive? How does it work?

Spacehive is a crowdfunding platform designed for projects that enhance our shared civic life, be that sprucing up a local park, holding a community event, or repurposing a disused building.

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What’s a civic project? Is my project eligible?

A project on Spacehive must clearly show how it could impact a civic or shared space for the benefit of the community.

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How does the all-or-nothing crowdfunding model work?

Spacehive operates with an all–or–nothing model, which means that if you don’t hit none of the pledges are collected. This can seem daunting at first however it has many benefits.

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What are the fees? Is there a charge?

Spacehive is free to use however we charge a 5% fee (industry standard) if, and only if, you hit your target.

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