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Why choose Spacehive?

Millions in funding

As well as raising funds from the crowd, you can tap into the millions in available funding from our partners on Spacehive. Simply upload your project idea and we'll match you to all relevant funds. Easy.

Dedicated support

Crowdfunding is a challenge, sure, but we're on hand to help you along the way with guides, webinars, and email support. Whatever the issue, we'll be there for you.

Confidence-boosting verification

Your project is checked prior to going live to make sure that it all adds up and can be delivered, giving backers confidence that their money will be well spent.

Highest success rates

Improving your local area is a pretty impressive undertaking which is why we're even more proud of our industry-leading success rate of 85%. Together we're quite the team.

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Any Questions?

What is Spacehive? How does it work?

Spacehive is a funding platform for projects that make local places better: from sprucing up a local park, or holding a community festival, to reviving a disused building. We enable project creators to attract funding from local people, companies and councils via the same platform.

What’s a local project? Is my idea eligible?

Spacehive is for creating or improving places used by the community. It doesn't matter who owns the land or building - the key thing is that it's not just you that benefits from the project.

What is all-or-nothing funding?

Spacehive has an all-or-nothing funding model, meaning that if you don't hit your target, you receive no funding and backers are refunded. This can seem daunting but it works - our campaigns have an unrivalled success rate of 85%

What are the fees?

We add a 5% fee to the amount projects need to raise which we collect if, and only if, they hit their target. Our fee pays for us to build and maintain our platform, support our project creators and backers, and integrate funding streams that help our projects to succeed.

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