Spacehive is a funding platform for

ideas that bring local places to life

Spacehive is a funding

platform for ideas that

bring local places to life

  • £27m raised
  • 2050 projects delivered
  • 55% campaign success rate
  • £3.4m funding available from our partners
  • 8,003 acres of space improved
  • 4,700 trees planted
  • 199 jobs created
  • 312 walls painted
  • 4 public squares created
  • 13 sculptures installed
  • 3 phone boxes converted into art galleries
  • 44 community centres built or improved
  • 1 high street turned into a waterslide for the day

Spacehive is a funding platform for ideas that bring local places to life: everything from sprucing up the park, or improving a playground, to starting a street market.

If you create a page for your project idea it will be matched to funds from councils, foundations and companies that might want to help.

The aim is to provide a powerful springboard for ideas that make communities happy, proud and prosperous.

Fundraising campaigns on Spacehive have the highest success rate of any crowdfunding platform in the UK and we are used by tens of councils, companies and foundations to fund place-based community projects - from the Mayor of London to The Arts Council.


We envision a world where everyone can shape their local area to create places that make people happy, proud and prosperous.


We want to make it easy for people to improve their local area. We build technology that brings together people, businesses, government and foundations to collaboratively fund projects that communities want.

Our founder, Chris Gourlay, explains Spacehive in a film by IBM.


People want to shape their local area:

Large numbers of people, local groups and businesses are willing to start projects that bring local places to life - or contribute money, time and skills towards them. We just need to make it easy and rewarding for them to do so.

Technology can make the civic environment accessible to change by all:

Historically the complex web of rules, regulations and bureaucratic processes that govern what you can and can't do in local places - as well as the challenge of funding and delivering improvements - have locked out ordinary people. Technology has the power to make this world more accessible and transparent, giving many more people the opportunity to change things. In time this will transform the culture of civic improvement and places will become more responsive to the needs and aspirations of communities.

Communities are teeming with answers:

Local people, groups and businesses understand the challenges and opportunities in their area. They need a louder voice at the table and powerful tools that allow them to change things in collaboration with traditional stakeholders. With communities in the driving seat, local places are more likely to lift our spirits, boost our quality of life and help the local economy to thrive.

Changemakers should feel loved:

Changemakers battling to improve places are not always met with the best experience. Spacehive aspires to transform this culture. We commit to providing an intuitive, enabling, responsive, friendly, efficient service that makes changemakers feel loved.


Our values are central to the design of our tools and services:

We are optimistic about the ability of people, companies and public bodies to come together and achieve good things.

We believe in locally-led change. Communities should have a stronger voice. We want to create a platform where they are heard and respected - and where their ideas have the best possible chance of taking off.

Transparency = trust. When diverse crowds of people and organisations come together to improve the civic environment online it is critical that the way projects are developed and funded is open.

We are neutral. It’s for local communities to decide what a great idea looks like. Spacehive strives to enable viable, permitted projects that attract broad support from communities.

Why 'Spacehive'?

Space: the civic and community realm that is central to local identity, happiness and prosperity.
Hive: the power of collective effort and intelligence to achieve things.
Space + hive = the ability for communities to transform local places.

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£27m raised for 2050 projects
The Arts Council becomes 40th grantmaker to partner with Spacehive
April 2019
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Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, hails rise of "people-powered regeneration."
February 2019
20% of UK councils have backed a project on Spacehive
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"Civic crowdfunding will become the default way to fund local projects" - UK's urban innovation agency
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Spacehive co-designs world's first civic crowdfunding platform with community networks, councils, foundations and companies
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"Public subscription", aka offline civic crowdfunding, is used to fund Peel Park in Manchester, the Statue of Liberty's base and thousands of other projects
19th Century