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Discover how you can play a powerful role in helping communities bring their ideas to life.

Spacehive's software products and activation services help councils, grant makers and companies deepen their impact, leverage their resources, raise their profile, reach customers, win business and much more.

Build a movement

Whatever your mission - whether seeding green space projects, inspiring sports and play or transforming Hull - we can help. Creating a Movement allows you to inspire people with great project ideas, team up with like-minded supporters and make a real difference.

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Fund projects

Fund more projects from new and interesting groups more efficiently by collaborating with thousands of other people, companies, councils and foundations.

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Showcase your impact

Download data and display public reports showing the impact your initiative has had on the environment, economy and local communities.

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Activate your initiative

Our activation services offer you a customised package of support to ensure your initiative has the most powerful impact.

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Join the biggest names in fuelling community-led transformation across the UK

Our partners include the leading innovators in government, enterprise and the charity and voluntary sector. Learn how we're working together to fuel change, increase impact and ensure sustainability in communities across the UK.

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