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Deliver meaningful social impact and connect with local communities.

Our broad range of community projects ensures we can deliver against your objectives.

Ensuring your fund is spent responsibly

Project verification

Ensuring your fund is spent responsibly
Your own microsite and impact reports

Bespoke reporting tools

Your own microsite and impact reports
Crowdfunding helps your budget go further by up to 400%

Amplified budget

Crowdfunding helps your budget go further by up to 400%

How we work with crowdfunding partners

Set up your fund

Set up
your fund

Agree how much you can offer and the projects you’d like to fund. A dedicated Spacehive lead will help manage the partnership, including marketing and PR support.
Get matched to projects

Get matched
to projects

Spacehive does the heavy lifting for you by connecting you to suitable projects. You can then decide how much to support them with.
Track your impact

your impact

Spacehive will keep you updated on project success and you can measure the positive impact of your funding via customised impact reports.

Our partners share a commitment to support grassroots communities to quickly improve their
local areas.

We work with local people across the country and our funding network reflects the growth of community-led regeneration.

Spacehive works with a broad range of partners from corporate brands and cultural organisations to public bodies and foundations.

Success stories

Dormant for more than a decade, this regeneration project restored the old iconic music stage to create a new community space.

Partnered with Mayor of London

Sunderland’s first Halloween augmented reality trail enabled families to chase monsters across the city, whilst exploring the city centre and local businesses.

Partnered with Sunderland City Council

Two crowdfunded all-terrain beach wheelchairs enable disabled people of all ages to enjoy the beach by providing specialist equipment.

Partnered with North of Tyne Combined Authority

Partner FAQs

Spacehive is the only dedicated community fundraising platform in the UK and Ireland, and has been trusted by our partners to deliver unrivalled crowdfunding solutions for over a decade.

We have the highest project success rate of any crowdfunding platform, at 85%. That means that nearly 9 out 10 community projects on Spacehive hit their fundraising target. To date over 2,000 ideas have been crowdfunded on our platform, raising over £30 million to support local projects.

Spacehive is the only crowdfunding platform to verify projects before they go live, ensuring that projects are set up to succeed. Our unique model has been co-designed with partners to provide robust governance and help administer funds in an efficient and transparent way.

We assign a dedicated Spacehive lead to better understand our partner needs and ensure we deliver against strategic objectives to achieve transformational change. Upon project completion you are provided with customised impact reporting to share with stakeholders that details how your support has positively impacted local communities.

Community crowdfunding allows local people and organisations to collaboratively fundraise for projects that deliver local impact.

Spacehive’s partners play an instrumental role in contributing to the success of these local initiatives, fuelling community-led transformation. Issues tackled include climate change, improving mental and physical health, regenerating public spaces, parks and green spaces, and supporting local people to create more resilient communities.

By working with Spacehive, your budget will be amplified by up to 400%, giving you greater return on investment. This means that for every £1 you invest, other supporters will collectively raise a further £3 of investment into local projects, making your money go further in supporting more communities and delivering greater impact.

Your organisation will play an integral role in facilitating a ground-up approach to placemaking and community development, publicly supporting local people as they strive to make their local places better.

Typically for every £1 a partner contributes, other supporters will collectively raise a further £3.

Spacehive’s expert team and unique model create local funder ecosystems to maximise financial contributions via multiple funders, enabling your money to support more community projects that compliment your goals.

In addition to the financial benefits, community crowdfunded initiatives have longer term success because local people are more invested and feel a greater connection and responsibility.

Spacehive manages every aspect of your programme, from setting up your fund to bringing in ideas from the community and ensuring they are a success. We’ll provide advice at every step of the process to ensure your funds have maximum impact.

Spacehive provides a protected client account where you can place your funds, ring-fence them and make them quickly available to projects when you’re ready to provide support.

Because we take the time to verify each project and ensure they have key regulatory requirements in place, you can be assured that your funds support projects that are viable - and you can stay focused on which ones you’d like to back.

Spacehive works with our partners to help prepare and promote the strategic criteria of the funds that they make available to communities. Our bespoke technology ensures that only projects that meet these assessment criteria will be eligible for a donation.

We offer services, such as managed client accounts, that make it easy to facilitate direct transfer of funds, enabling partners to digitally manage the terms of their pledge.

All projects are verified prior to being launched on our site to ensure they are viable. Once a project is delivered, our customised impact reporting tools measure the results of your funding investment, how it has achieved your strategic objectives and how it has improved local communities.

Fill out the Partnership Form and the Spacehive team will contact you, or email us directly at [email protected].

Spacehive is an approved supplier on the UK government digital procurement portal, GCloud, providing central vetting, fast access, agreed terms and improved pricing for government and public sector organisations.

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