About idverde Community Investment Fund

About idverde Community Investment Fund

We know there is no shortage of great ideas and enthusiasm for green space improvement projects in our communities, but a lack of cash can prevent great ideas from reaching their potential. That’s why idverde launched its Community Investment Fund, which grants up to £40,000 per year to support community-led projects in the areas where we work. If your project will make an improvement to a public open space, then we can consider it. The open space could be a park, playing field, recreation ground, playground, nature reserve, wood or even a cemetery. The space must be freely accessible to all members of the public, and the improvement could be better facilities (a new swing), or making it look more attractive (new plants and shrubs) or making it easier for everyone to enjoy (wheelchair access) or making it more of a home for wildlife (bug hotels).

Our Journey

The Flower Bank Hub hit its fundraising target!1 day ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Roof Garden
Roof Garden joined idverde Community Investment Fund1 day ago

We have great space on the roof above the school kitchen especially designed for children. The view is amazing - you can see local East Street market beneath and bank buildings of the East London financial district in the distance. The space is not used as well as it could be because it needs investment. The project will focus on three areas: 1. To create small water pond. We would like to buy some water plants. Professional help will be required to assure the project will survive for a long time. 2. To acquire planters from the recycling centres nearby. Create sitting places from the pallets. Let children to plant vegetables, flower and herbs. 3. Purchase marked recycling bins for each floor in the school.

The Sands End Social Shack hit its fundraising target!4 days ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Kings Meadow Community Playground started fundraising!1 week ago
Activity Trail for Dogs Jubilee Park N9 started fundraising!1 week ago
Activity Trail for Dogs Jubilee Park N9 started fundraising!1 week ago
River Brent Mural and Digital Art Trail started fundraising!1 week ago
Kings Meadow Community Playground
Kings Meadow Community Playground joined idverde Community Investment Fund1 week ago

Kings Meadow in Bromley serves a diverse community of over 15,000 people, but it has almost no facilities - just a small, run-down playground with limited equipment that caters only for very young children. It has little for older children and nothing at all for children with disabilities. Bromley Council maintains the equipment, and provides support to our Friends group while we raise money for much-needed improvements. Playgrounds are an essential part of childhood; they help in the fight against obesity; help to protect children against mental illness and social isolation; and, by providing a focal point for the community, they help to make neighbourhoods safer for everyone. And they're fun! Over the past year, we've worked hard to make small improvements to the park. But to affect real change we need to transform the playground, installing new play equipment that will allow children of all ages and abilities to play safely together.

Empowering Women through Arts & Culture
Empowering Women through Arts & Culture joined idverde Community Investment Fund1 week ago

Our project is aimed to get women and young girls who are victims of domestic violence (DV), to integrate in our community by participating in regular physical activity within a DV support group. There is sadly a high incidence of DV crimes in the Kosovan/Albanian/Macedonian and Gorani Community group along with more than 50% of our female community members currently suffer with major depressive disorders, anxiety, PTSD as a result. This, combined with low levels of physical activity and self isolation has led to our community members feeling segregated, alone and not a part of the wider community. We wish to increase their participation within our community group and society by holding fortnightly creative writing and traditional dance classes. This will allow the women to express themselves via a healthy outlet, whilst being supported by our trained volunteers and staff. Our project aims to increase confidence, engagement and encourage long-term inclusion of women affected by DV.