About idverde Community Investment Fund

About idverde Community Investment Fund

We know there is no shortage of great ideas and enthusiasm for green space improvement projects in our communities, but a lack of cash can prevent great ideas from reaching their potential. That’s why idverde launched its Community Investment Fund, which grants up to £40,000 per year to support community-led projects in the areas where we work. If your project will make an improvement to a public open space, then we can consider it. The open space could be a park, playing field, recreation ground, playground, nature reserve, wood or even a cemetery. The space must be freely accessible to all members of the public, and the improvement could be better facilities (a new swing), or making it look more attractive (new plants and shrubs) or making it easier for everyone to enjoy (wheelchair access) or making it more of a home for wildlife (bug hotels).

Our Journey

The Historic Spine Project
The Historic Spine Project joined idverde Community Investment Fund14 hrs ago

The Spine is a historic main route linking the original settlement around the parish church to the commercial heart of the fully-fledged market town centred on the Market Hall, now Barclays Bank, at the top of Bridge Street. Along this route - High Street, Chapel Street, Church Street and Old Town - is grouped a fine series of buildings from all periods, medieval to Victorian, including all but one of the town’s Grade I buildings and eleven of its fifteen buildings scheduled as Grade II. Our current scheme is the placing ceramic plaques by the buildings describing their history and significance. 10 of the 18 initially planned are in place or ready. Accurate dating of the buildings is critical both to the project and to enrich our knowledge of the town's heritage, and so we propose, wherever possible, a ring dating process, dendrochronology, for the timber-framed buildings.

Urban Edible Healthy Lifestyle Project
Urban Edible Healthy Lifestyle Project joined idverde Community Investment Fund18 hrs ago

Deliver mobile raw eating sessions at local parks in Ealing (Islip Manor / Rayvnor Park and Southall Park) teaching people benefits of juicing and raw eating and how to make quick tasty juices. Educating people around alternatives to dairy and animal products and how to eat a more vegan diet. While teaching healthy eating habits we will also have a personal trainer onsite doing work out sessions outdoors teaching people how to use their local park and equipment in the park to workout more regularly and with no cost. Alongside the healthy eating we will also be giving people information on Urban Gardening and access to local allotments and growing spaces. This is a whole healthy lifestyle project giving the community full round support with professionals on hand to support people with healthy eating, Urban Gardening and exercise. Educating people around food, diet and how to live a healthier lifestyle without spending too much.

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Deptford dockyard & Lenox visitor centre
Deptford dockyard & Lenox visitor centre joined idverde Community Investment Fund3 days ago

Our project will open up to the public the undercroft of a Grade II listed building which has been unused for more than a decade and is one of the very few buildings from Deptford’s dockyard that are still standing. We will create a destination in Deptford to showcase the area's ship-building heritage, encouraging more people to visit and enjoy the beautiful riverfront location. Our plan is to restore and fit out the undercroft, preserving and enhancing the historic structure, and provide new facilities including a public event and display area and a workshop for building the ship’s model and small wooden boats, where we can train apprentices in related skills. The display area will house artefacts specific to Deptford's maritime history. We will establish a base for the Lenox Project, which aims to build a full-size wooden ship on the neighbouring site at Convoys Wharf. We will make these new facilities accessible within the restrictions of the listed building consent.