River Brent Mural and Digital Art Trail

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River Brent Mural and Digital Art Trail

River Brent Mural and Digital Art Trail

Simon Cohen By Simon Cohen

A mural applied in panels to a wall along the River Brent. When viewed through a phone or tablet with an AR app, each panel reveals a digital artwork, creating an outdoor digital art gallery.

Brentford Idea stage

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The wall borders the Thames Path and marks the boundary of the Heidelberg Europe HQ building. It is an imposing red brick wall with 30 recesses along its’ length. For the physical element of this project, we will design the mural as a single image split across 30 sections. Each section will be produced offsite as a weatherproof panel which will then be fixed into the recesses post-production. We will invite artists working in the digital realm to exhibit artworks within the augmented reality gallery. Visitors will download an app to their devices which will allow them to see the digital artworks when they hold their device in from of the printed panels. We will include work from a variety of contributors, including professional local and international artists, colleges, universities and schools. The digital format means that we can replace the artworks periodically (every 6 months or every year) without having to replace or reprint the physical panels.

What we'll deliver:

  • A mural to beautify what is currently an ugly stretch of river bank
  • A bespoke Augmented Reality app to view the digital artworks
  • A unique, augmented reality art trail
  • A vibrant, contemporary visitor attraction

Why it's a great idea:

We believe that this unique interactive installation could become a major visitor attraction for Brentford for a wide range of visitors. We will provide an opportunity for students and community based artists to exhibit alongside established artists and benefit from the exposure and PR opportunities. Art students, practising artists and art lovers will also be drawn to visit the gallery - and replacing the digital artworks regularly (just like traditional art galleries) will ensure repeat visits. The digital gallery will offer a great opportunity for schools to introduce their students to contemporary art in an interactive and engaging format that is relevant to their lives, and will encourage school visits from across London. More visitors will boost trade for local businesses, particularly bars, pubs, cafés and restaurants. We will also encourage promotions and collaborations with other local artists and galleries.

Steps to get it done:

  • Phase 1: Design, develop and build the Augmented Reality app
  • Phase 1: Design the physical mural and create print-ready artwork
  • Phase 1: Clean and prepare the wall ready for installation. Print and install the 33 panels.
  • Phase 2: Create and design a name and visual identity for the mural and art trail
  • Phase 2: Design, develop and build a project website
  • Phase 2: Set up social media pages
  • Phase 3: Contract/hire digital art curator to work on the inaugural exhibition
  • Phase 3: Invite artists to contribute through a direct invitation and an open call
  • Phase 3: Invite colleges and schools to submit entries for consideration
  • Phase 3: Upload selected artworks to the AR system
  • Phase 3: Launch promotional campaign through social media and traditional media

There is potential to extend the concept across London, making it the world's first city-wide Augmented Reality art gallery. This site is far from unique in having large blank walls near a well used path. All across London hundreds of thousands of people walk past industrial, commercial and public buildings every day, which could be enhanced by physical & digital art. There is a fantastic opportunity for London to establish itself as a world leader in public ARt, enhancing its cultural reputation, attracting visitors in a bold new way, and improving its appearance at the same time. Rather than individual apps per attraction, our AR app could be expanded to become a centralised ARt-London app, bringing together AR-enhanced public art projects across the Capital. Promoted everywhere from Heathrow to Underground stations, endorsed by the Mayor of London, London could become the world’s biggest art gallery and a cultural tech leader at the same time.


Location Brentford

Brentford has 75 other projects and £1,385,000 in potential grant funding

About the space

The wall is the boundary of the Heidelberg European headquarters building with its smart main entrance on the Brentford High Street. Where the building turns its’ back to the river, the visual impact is quite different, however, with imposing red brick wall and security fencing creating a barrier along the Thames path and the River Brent


London Borough of Hounslow

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How will the money be spent?Total £49,044

Phase 1: Design & develop the AR app - £24,318 (50%)
Phase 1: Design the physical mural and create print-ready artwork for 33 panels - £15,000 (31%)
Phase 1: Print and install the mural panels - £5,000 (10%)
Other - £4,726 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Phase 1: Design & develop the AR app
Phase 1: Design the physical mural and create print-ready artwork for 33 panels
Phase 1: Print and install the mural panels
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  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT


This project is enabled for overfunding. If the project hits its funding goal before the end of the campaign period, any extra funds raised will be spent (in order of priority) on: • Phase 2: Creating promotional collateral • Phase 3: Helping to finance the curation of the exhibits

Total £49,044

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