Ride Side by Side

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Ride Side by Side

Ride Side by Side

David Dansky By David Dansky

Project is to enable older or less mobile people to make short trips to appointments, the shops, a local amenity such as a park, or to visits to family or friends on a Side-By-Side cycle.

Hammersmith and Fulham Idea stage

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Participants will be over 60, have an issue with mobility, be socially isolated, or be visually impaired People will book a trip by phone. A rider will pick them up, riding a side by side cycle and take them on a trip of their choice over an hour and half. They can choose to go shopping, visit a friend, visit a local amenity such as local park, or just explore their areas and get some exercise. They will get help at their destination, such as help with carrying shopping or getting on and off the cycle. Participants can choose to pedal or just enjoy the ride in fresh air. The riders will be trained in cycling and cycle mechanics, managing risk, working with older people and have an up to date DBS check. They will be sociable and friendly.

What we'll deliver:

  • 4 people will be taken on a trip daily
  • They will enjoy exercise
  • They will have an opportunity to chat reducing lonliness
  • Each trip may replace a trip by motorised transport reducing pollution

Why it's a great idea:

The project will help people least likely to get their recommended amount of exercise bringing them health benefits. It will tackle loneliness and isolation. It will help people with things they need to do like shopping. It will have a broader impact with regards reducing motorised trips and possible, by giving people the opportunity to be active, reduce their reliance on the NHS

Steps to get it done:

The project cycles are power assisted to enable riders to travel further and ride for longer in any road environment. The funding will be used to purchase a small fleet of these cycles for the project, and for development work linking to local social housing estates, care homes, dementia groups, older people's networks and groups for the visually impaired


Location Hammersmith and Fulham

Hammersmith and Fulham has 34 other projects and £1,845,000 in potential grant funding

About the space

Area in North Kensington and Hammersmith and Fulham. Serving peabody Estate, St Charles Hospital Wellbeing centre and Old Oak Estate in East Acton. Possible cycle Storage in Old Oak Primary School, A garage on the Peabody Estate and Lock up on Little Wormwood Scrubs


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