UCL mypark app

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UCL mypark app

UCL mypark app

Shepley Orr By Shepley Orr

Help us launch a mobile phone app that will enable individuals and communities to enjoy and participate in the life of their local parks all across the UK!

Bromley Idea stage

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We are developing an app that can be used for any park to renew and reinvigorate the relationship between individuals, communities and their local green spaces. We want to inspire communities to own their parks and enable individuals to better engage with the local resources of their parks, explore multiple activities and even contribute to the park’s local history. We believe the mypark app will enrich the user experience of parks and make parks more accessible and inclusive for all.

What we'll deliver:

  • A “suggestion box” where park users can make suggestions for the park
  • A fully functional and interactive map of the park
  • A “fix my park” feature which will enable individuals to report areas of the park that need attention
  • A “meet up/check-in” function that enables users to meet each other and find users with similar interests
  • A “message board” for park users to announce events and discuss issues of local interest
  • Enable users to develop and upload their own trails and activity suggestions for other park users
  • Provide nature & historical “trails” for users to discover their park and it’s natural features
  • Provide park users with information about activities in the park
  • We will deliver an easy to use mobile phone app that will include the following functions:
  • Allow local businesses to encourage shopping locally
  • Allow users to contribute their own local historical knowledge to create a “citizens’ history” of their park
  • Develop an “augmented reality” feature which enables park users to “see” the past, present and future of their park
  • Inform park users about the facilities of the park and basic information about the park (opening times, etc.)
  • Provide a historical introduction to the park and its features
  • Provide activities for “citizen scientists” to contribute to the understanding of their park's natural world
  • Provide individuals with information about their nearest park, wherever they may
  • Provide information about local volunteering in the park such as gardening, sports teaching, giving tours, etc.
  • Provide information promoting healthy lifestyles and activities in the park, such as jogging routes and sports

Why it's a great idea:

In this time of austerity government investment in parks is declining rapidly and many worry that our parks may fall into a state of disrepair not seen for decades. This is why we are developing the mypark app to bring power to the people to improve and make better use of their local parks! We believe that the mypark app will enable individuals to have better relationships with their parks and to bring together the communities who use the park.

Parks are generally a greatly underused national resource that we think can be helped along with a little bit of easy-to-use technology.

Using parks will also promote healthy living for a healthier people and a few simple tips on how to use our parks better could make a huge difference to people's health!

Steps to get it done:

  • Hire a business development and content manager who will:
  • Provide support for users and stakeholders to improve the app
  • Build the basic design of the app by hiring a full time app developer
  • Determine how to best promote the various features of the park to its users
  • Research local history and nature to initially populate the app

Location Bromley

About the space

Crystal Palace Park



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How will the money be spent?Total £26,266

Full time developer for 3 months - £7,000 (27%)
Full time content manager and market researcher for 3 months - £7,000 (27%)
Survey research costs - £5,000 (19%)
Developing tools (laptop, smartphone), software packages and other technology - £3,500 (13%)
travel and sustainables for park research - £1,250 (5%)
Other - £2,516 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Full time developer for 3 months
Full time content manager and market researcher for 3 months
Survey research costs
Developing tools (laptop, smartphone), software packages and other technology
travel and sustainables for park research
  • Transaction Fees
  • Spacehive fees
  • VAT

Total £26,266

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