Nelson Mandela Statue Leicester

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Nelson Mandela Statue Leicester

Nelson Mandela Statue Leicester

Nelson Mandela Community Programme By Nelson Mandela Community Programme

Commission, create and erect a statue of Nelson Mandela in an accessible location, to be a focus for community cohesion and a point of inspiration for our diverse communities, especially young people.

Leicester Idea stage

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To create and erect a magnificent, warmly inviting, expressive and impressionable statue of Nelson Mandela in a part of Leicester supported by majority vote. A bronze statue bigger than life-size standing on a plinth donated by the City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby. In front of the statue in a semi-circular fashion will be a 'peace garden' to create an atmosphere of tranquility and togetherness with seating dispersed accordingly. At one end will be a simplistic and gentle-running fountain with a giant game of “Connect 4”and at the other will be a giant game of “Dominos”. The fountain will symbolise stream of life – quiet moment from busy lives; the games “Connect 4” will be utilised mainly by children but suitable for adults too indicating how as human beings we are all interconnected; the Domino game will attract the male population especially from the African Heritage Community. Both games are intergenerational activities - involving both junior and senior members of the community.

What we'll deliver:

  • Bronze statue of Nelson Mandela, five metres tall (inc. plinth)
  • Seating near the statue.
  • Appropriate planting around and nearby (e.g. small bushes, flower beds).

Why it's a great idea:

Leicester City has historical links with Nelson Mandela through its tireless campaign to free him from imprisonment of nearly a quarter of a centenary in Robben Island, South Africa. Nelson Mandela believed in a "rainbow nation" where all races of people - starting with those in his native country - live in freedom - 'free from white & free from black domination' (Anti-Apartheid). His legacy embraces people of all colours & culture. The statue would be a focal point for the rich & diverse people of all colours, cultures & multi-faith of Leicester for inspiration to live in peaceful harmony, share & enjoy each others' wealth of knowledge, activities, events & what it means to be human. The Nelson Mandela statue will be warmly inviting, expressive & impressionable & the intended 'peace garden' to create an atmosphere of tranquility and togetherness for those who visit. An environmentally friendly attraction to be seen as a repeatedly 'must visit' place by people of Leicester and beyond.

Steps to get it done:

  • * Finalise the Leicester people's vote on the site of Nelson Mandela statue
  • * Sitting with the sculptor to finalise statue design of Nelson Mandela
  • * Sitting with the landscape designer to professionalise the Nelson Mandela Peace Garden

The statue will be a perpetual reminder of our need for community cohesion, respect for freedom & dignity of human life. Noteworthy that Leicester City Councils slogan "working for equality" & in its "Anti-Apartheid Declaration" in 1980'sdescribed apartheid system as a 'suppression of human dignity, & a threat to world peace'; Tiger Rugby team was one of the first sporting team in the UK to recognise & support anti-apartheid action by boycotting sporting exchange with South Africa in 1980's. So we (people of Leicester) helped to dismantle the evil system that kept human beings apart & subjugated another. When he was freed in 1990', Nelson Mandela visited the City & the Tiger to say "Thank You". Today, The Nelson Mandela Community Programme (TNMCP) C.I.C. based in Leicester recognised the sacrifices Nelson Mandela made for human freedom, dignity & peaceful coexistence & wishing to emulate his call & have our own 'rainbow city', we celebrated the Centenary of his Birth in July 2018.

Location Leicester

Leicester has 32 other projects and £435,000 in potential grant funding

About the space

Nelson Mandela statue location will be the people's choice. The City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby has offered a plinth and has given the people of Leicester the choice to decide the location in Leicester.


Leicester City Council

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How will the money be spent?Total £88,531

Design and sculpture bigger than life statue of Nelson Mandela - £80,000 (90%)
Other - £8,531 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Design and sculpture bigger than life statue of Nelson Mandela
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT


This project is enabled for overfunding. If the project hits its funding goal before the end of the campaign period, any extra funds raised will be spent (in order of priority) on: We will use the extra money to (a) fund the 'peace garden' (b) If more funds remains, will use to fund Nelson Mandela legacy-based community cohesion related activities for senior citizens and the youth respectively, and for inter-generational (combined) activities.

Total £88,531

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