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CrowdFund Leicester


Connecting people, ideas, and support from the crowd to make Leicester an even better place!

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CrowdFund Leicester is all about connecting people, communities, businesses and resources to ideas that will make our City an even better place to live, work visit and study. Pitch your project by 28th June! Click on 'Create a project' below to get started... Leicester is full of creative people with innovative ideas that can make a positive change in their communities. CrowdFund Leicester is a fantastic way to get people, including the City Mayor, Ward Councillors and businesses to support your project idea and help make it a reality through crowdfunding. You will know best about what will work in your local community or what local people would like to make happen. So, why not pitch your ideas to the people of Leicester? By working together, we make a real difference to your local area and make Leicester an even better place.

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City Mayor's Community Engagement Fund

City Mayor's Community Engagement Fund

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