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The project wants carers to be involved in having some 'me' time where they do not feel socially isolated. This is done through running a crafts group, exploring handmade cards, drawing and painting, jewellery, mosaics, marbling, decoupage, quilling, knitting, silk painting etc. As well as visiting exhibitions and fairs. This allows carers to feel included, use their creative side, try something new, gain confidence and self-worth, and decrease their stress levels. This allows them to feel able to go back to their caring responsibilities after having a much needed break, even if it is for just 2 hours.

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Leicester Women's Festival 2018
Leicester Women's Festival 2018 joined CrowdFund Leicester1 month ago

We want to bring the first ever Women’s Festival to Leicester this August. People of all ages and cultures from the city and surrounding areas will come together to celebrate & learn about the amazing women who have shaped our society over the last 100 years & continue to do so today. Women from all the cultural communities of Leicester/shire have achieved great things for the economy, innovation and equality. Their stories need to be told & heard, to educate and inspire the people of Leicester, particularly the youth. Leicester Women’s Festival will be an opportunity to showcase and connect people with the work of local women, through talks, presentations, performances of music & poetry, & interactive storytelling. A timeline will be produced visualising the contribution & impact of women on the communities of Leicester from 1918 to 2018. Sounds great, right? We need your help to make it happen! Pledge today & join us on August 25th for a day of lively celebration!

Save Goddard Bank Leicester
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Our building was designed by the great Victorian architect, Joseph Goddard. This roof restoration project will achieve the following: • Community Services: our center attracts almost 30,000 people annually from very diverse backgrounds. We are planning to expand as a hub for business, cultural and social events and by doing so we are liberating this unique building for community use. • Heritage: By repairing the roof we will be able to preserve the heritage value of this building. It will also give us the opportunity to showcase the invaluable works of Joseph Goddard to the public. Having consulted with the local community, Heritage Open Days, the local Civic and Victorian Societies, Historic England and other stakeholders, it is evident that there is real interest in the project • Environmental: as part of our contribution to the environment, Photovoltaic glass will be replacing the old roof glass, generating electricity that will sustain the entire building with green energy.

Hedgehog survey of Leicestershire
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What we are aiming to do is establish whether we still have a hedgehog population in the Leicestershire area, and if we do, find out where they are based. This money will go towards purchasing supplies to build 10 tracking tunnels which we will be able to use to survey grassland and wooded areas of up to 1km². If ten baited tunnels are set in up to 1km² for 5 consecutive nights and NO hedgehog footprints are detected, we can be 95% sure hedgehog are ABSENT from the area. Each area of grassland/woodland we choose will be surveyed for 5 days. It will take approximately 2-3 hours each day to visit the tracking tunnels in the area and record the results and reset the traps. We will be looking for volunteers from the local area as well as the universities and school to help us collect the data and teach them about surveying techniques and the importance of conservation.

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