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30% of young people in the Home farm area, Beaumont Leys live in poverty and there is a major problem with a lack of things to do. Football-related projects in Beaumont Leys have in the past reduced reported crime and anti-social behaviour. We will continue this legacy and provide a managed space for local groups, police, universities, and more importantly young people to develop their sports skills and take part in positive activities. We know from the young people we work with and talk to that they have nowhere suitable that they can access for free to play football or various sports in Beaumont Leys. We will ensure that local young people from Beaumont Leys can use the new sports facility and are encouraged to create teams that can compete against other teams with support from De Montfort University's Coaches. The new sports facility will offer young people free time to come and use the facility as well as a range of coaching sessions and activities that they can also access.

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