About CrowdFund Leicester

About CrowdFund Leicester

CrowdFund Leicester is all about connecting people, communities, businesses and resources to ideas that will make our City an even better place to live, work visit and study. Leicester is full of creative people with innovative ideas that can make a positive change in their communities. CrowdFund Leicester is a fantastic way to get people, including the City Mayor, Ward Councillors and businesses to support your project idea and help make it a reality through crowdfunding. You will know best about what will work in your local community or what local people would like to make happen. So, why not pitch your ideas to the people of Leicester? By working together, we make a real difference to your local area and make Leicester an even better place.

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Joe Orton Statue
Joe Orton Statue joined CrowdFund Leicester23 hrs ago

'The idea that in Orton Square there should be a statue, a memorial to Joe Orton, is terrific' (Sir Ian McKellen) Pledge now to help commemorate one of Britain's most important and influential writers. We will commission a statue of Joe Orton from a leading sculptor. We will run community engagement events in Leicester to involve the public in the design of the statue, invite artists to submit a design, shortlist the best three, then commission the chosen artist to make a statue of Joe Orton for Orton Square, outside Curve theatre. The statue will reflect Orton's cheeky iconoclasm. Your pledge will help to ensure that the extraordinary life, work and legacy of this working class, gay writer are permanently commemorated in the city of his birth. Any funds raised beyond our 100K target will be used to run Joe Orton-related creative writing /arts events in Leicester. This appeal is endorsed by Sir Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry and Sheila Hancock, amongst others.

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Afternoon Navratri for elderly
Afternoon Navratri for elderly joined CrowdFund Leicester2 weeks ago

To coincide with the traditional celebrations of Navratri around the world, the 7events Foundation plans to run 10 afternoons of dance and music - aimed at the elderly community in Leicester. Due to most of the elderly community finding it difficult to attend in the evenings - when most of the celebrations happen - we want to arrange this so they do not miss out and continue to have the opportunity to take part in these important celebrations. The 7events Foundation is a group of individuals who work voluntarily to provide community projects centered around health, sport and arts. Working in collaboration with other organisations and groups, our aim is to work for the benefit of the community and take ownership of such events and projects.

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Create Leicester Day Event
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Create is a series of FREE quarterly events for digital creators, producers, managers and administrators, aiming to inspire Leicester’s digital design community. Professional development Valuable insights from leading professionals, with experience of working with renowned companies. Inclusive community Become part of a growing community of Leicester’s digital creatives, makers and producers. Collaboration An open environment allowing for informal networking and the exchange of ideas, methods and techniques.

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We have an oxygen tank that seats four people, allowing pure oxygen to be taken into into the body under pressure to aid the bodies recovery from damage. Outside we have an inlet pipe which is attached to oxygen and allows people to sit outside the chamber breathing pure oxygen, they use a mask or a mouthpiece. We do have some that cannot use either mask or mouthpiece due to being to young, or it does not feel comfatable around the face. For this we have the hood which goes over the head like a space helmet, but they cannot do this outside the chamber as it needs an outlet pipe attached to the hood. The hood is inflated with oxygen but without the outlet pipe it deflates.