About CrowdFund Leicester

About CrowdFund Leicester


Created by Leicester City Mayor

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CrowdFund Leicester is all about connecting people, communities, businesses and resources to good ideas that will improve our City. If you have an idea why not share it with the City Mayor and the crowd to gain support and make your idea a reality. By working together we can make Leicester an even better place that is shaped and used by people, businesses and other stakeholders in the city. We are looking for community groups and voluntary organisations to share innovative ideas that will help shape your community for the better. You will know best about what will work in your local area, so why not share your idea and let others join in? What would make a difference to your local area and bring people together? Upload your idea here and see how you can make it happen. CrowdFund Leicester is a great way to get people, including the City Mayor, to back your project idea and help make it a reality through crowdfunding.

Our Journey

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Nelson Mandela Statue Leicester
Nelson Mandela Statue Leicester joined CrowdFund Leicester1 months ago

<b> We will be working closely with the council to finalise the designs and secure planning permission. We will keep you updated on our progress and no money will be collected until planning permission is secured.</b> This campaign is to create and erect a magnificent, warmly inviting, expressive and impressionable statue of Nelson Mandela in a part of Leicester supported by majority vote. A bronze statue bigger than life-size standing on a plinth donated by the City Mayor, Sir Peter Soulsby. The second phase of the project will involve a semi-circular fashion will be a 'peace garden' in front of the statue. A simplistic and gentle-running fountain will be at one side - symbolising the stream of life and providing a quiet moment from busy lives. A giant game of 'Connect 4' and 'Dominos' (popular with African Heritage Community) will be at the other. The 'Connect 4' will be utilised mainly by children but both games are intergenerational activities.

'Find A Voice' with SoundCafe Leicester
'Find A Voice' with SoundCafe Leicester joined CrowdFund Leicester1 months ago

Provide SoundCafe over 48 weeks a year with additional supporting activity workshops. Within SCL we use arts, crafts poetry, prose and singing as a vehicle for guests to find their voice. This artistic work provides opportunities for all, breaking down barriers and giving a sense of self worth and belief. SCL provides meaningful activities during the week for many who would otherwise be on the street. Extending our offering through additional weekly sessions and designated workshops will support our guests on their journey of transformation, we hope that they will: • achieve a heightened sense of self-esteem – creativity driving the vision for change • gain confidence as they develop new skills and showcase what they can achieve • return to work/meaningful activities enhancing opportunities for change and equality in accessing employment or voluntary placements. Taking accountability for turning their lives around. • engage positively with society and other partner agencies

Skills for Life, Leicester
Skills for Life, Leicester joined CrowdFund Leicester1 months ago

We will bring people together by providing drop in sessions, strong relationships in and across the communities of Spinney Hills, Rushey Mead, Evington, etc. We will achieve this through regularly engaging with adults with any isolation and deepening community cohesion. (People who are isolated as a result of their disability and / or circumstances). Within such communities there is a decline of support for elderly due to their work commitment. Loneliness and isolation can have a severe impact on mental and physical health of elderly and other people with a disability, and increase risk of dementia. We will enable more people to fulfill their potential by working to address issues at the earliest stage possible, through engaging in activities that will improve their physical and mental health, are therapeutic in nature, and can be continued at home. Activities will increase their quality of life.

S.T.F.U (Stop The Fighting & Unite)
S.T.F.U (Stop The Fighting & Unite) joined CrowdFund Leicester1 months ago

We will deliver a 12 week music / multimedia project working with young men to promote positivity, provide mentoring, create music, and a documentary showing the consequences of violence from different perspectives. In doing so, we will share powerful messages that will make local youth think twice before resorting to serious violence. We will recruit young people at risk of getting involved with serious violent crime and teach them how to produce music and film by giving them the chance to create a hard-hitting short film centred around young people, the potential pitfalls and consequences of carrying knives and different scenarios of what can happen. We will start with workshops and talks from people who have been through similar things then storyboard and make the film and music which once completed will have a screening and celebration event at the Phoenix Cinema. The film will also be available to local schools & organisations working with at-risk youths.