About CrowdFund Leicester

About CrowdFund Leicester

Our next funding deadline is the 31st of May - see the below tab on Key Dates for more information. CrowdFund Leicester is all about connecting people, communities, businesses and resources to ideas that will make our City an even better place to live, work visit and study. Leicester is full of creative people with innovative ideas that can make a positive change in their communities. CrowdFund Leicester is a fantastic way to get people, including the City Mayor, Ward Councillors and businesses to support your project idea and help make it a reality through crowdfunding. You will know best about what will work in your local community or what local people would like to make happen. So, why not pitch your ideas to the people of Leicester? By working together, we make a real difference to your local area and make Leicester an even better place.

Our Journey

Happy Larry's T Shirt Shop
Happy Larry's T Shirt Shop joined CrowdFund Leicester1 week ago

Happy Larry's has been set up specifically to provide a safe and friendly environment where people from less than 'ordinary' backgrounds are given an opportunity to try something new, and (hopefully) give them a new perspective on life. My name is Chris Shaw, and I am a graphic designer and garment decorator with 20yrs experience. My intention is to set up a small retail store and training centre on the edge of Leicester, where we will print various kinds of apparel in a variety of ways, from Cad Cut Vinyl Print, to Full Colour Digital Print, for a variety of customers from individuals, clubs, teams, business' and charities. My intention is to become a self funding enterprise for the guidance and training of people who have survived potentially life threatening circumstances, who have found themselves in desperate need of a safe place to be, where they can learn a new and useful skill and a new approach with an open mind.

Art Gallery
Art Gallery joined CrowdFund Leicester1 week ago

.Paintings .Drawings .Prints .Sculptures/ Tribal works .Photography .Others

The Daniel Lambert statue
The Daniel Lambert statue joined CrowdFund Leicester1 week ago

To have a life-size bronze statue of Daniel Lambert made by the well-known English sculptor Sean Hedges-Quinn and to install this in a prominent site in Leicester city centre, ideally Jubilee Square.

Huns Pop-up Shop
Huns Pop-up Shop joined CrowdFund Leicester1 week ago

We are a 100% vegan street food vendor who specialises in vegan fried 'chickhun'. We currently operate from a private address in our purposely built kitchen in South Leicester, where we prepare and cook our food for events across the UK, as well as run a food delivery service in Leicester at the weekends which has been highly successful. Due to the high demand, we are pitching for funding which will enable us to secure a premises for a pop-up restaurant with a maximum lease of six months, in Leicester city centre. A pop-up restaurant will allow us to not only extend our opening hours, but also cater to new audiences and reach a wider platform including those who are outside of our current delivery range, as the location of the city centre will enable us to advertise our service on sites such as Deliveroo. We are hopeful that this opportunity this can lead to a permanent premises in the heart of Leicester city centre.

Dogs Improve Wellbeing
Dogs Improve Wellbeing joined CrowdFund Leicester1 week ago

Leicester City Council has allocated in principle an area of land within Aylestone Recreation Ground by Aylestone Leisure Centre to build a Canine Agility Gym. Now that the area can be designated as permitted development for this use we now need to raise the funding for the fixed equipment. We would like a special area for dogs that will include an outdoor gym for them. Dogs make such an improvement in peoples' lives by: * Providing companionship * Getting their owners out for walks * Never arguing or even talking endlessly * Giving Unconditional love * Creating a still presence of calm * Protection and safe environment So we want to give them something back and improve their lives as they have improved ours. This would involve agility exercises, training in wellbeing, doggy yoga and fun for them meeting other dogs and people.

Culture Crafts hit its fundraising target!1 week ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

St Matthews Big Local (Leicester) pledged £50 to Culture Crafts1 week ago
Help our gym
Help our gym joined CrowdFund Leicester3 weeks ago

Our gym is situated at the back of a cemetery and has been left to rot from the Leicester City Council. We have took this on and have already created a busy gym with people from all ages. People wanting to get fit, learn the sport of boxing and something to keep them busy. All our coaches are volunteers and I would like to create a safe environment for everyone and provide some better equipment for all users.

Culture Crafts
Culture Crafts joined CrowdFund Leicester1 month ago

Celebrating diversity, culture and talent by coming together to share stories and crafts. Empowering women and creating opportunities for financial independence. Trans4m will provide the opportunity to for women to come together in a safe and secure environment to share their crafts, talents and stories, that link to their heritage. This will be a social experience where skills both new and existing can be shared and passed down from generations. Developing a collection of arts and crafts to display and transform in to trade.