Firs Farm Community Hub & Dementia Cafe

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Firs Farm Community Hub & Dementia Cafe

Firs Farm Community Hub & Dementia Cafe

Firs Farm Wetlands By Firs Farm Wetlands

We are a group of not-for-profit Volunteers who want to transform an underused area in Firs Farm into a vibrant Community Café, inclusive of people with Dementia and Austim.

Enfield Fundraising stage

pledged of £66,228
days left

Pledges will only be charged if the project hits its funding goal of £66,228 by 25 Sep 2017

The Friends of Firs Farm aims to raise funds for a dementia friendly community space where people with dementia or autism and their carers can come together in an inviting and welcoming space with others in the community to feel safe, have memory stimulation, and to in the words of Alzheimer’s Café founder, Dr. Bere Miesen "just be". We have been advised that we don't need permission. If we don't get permission then no pledges will be taken from backers.

What we'll deliver:

  • Provide a welcoming safe hub for the community, people with dementia or autism
  • Allocate specific times when the space can be used
  • To provide suitable volunteering opportunities for hub users
  • Hold event that will raise additional funds to further improve the sustainability of Firs Farm
  • Encourage & promote people with dementia or autism to participate in Firs Farms available exercise activities.
  • Bringing the community together .

Why it's a great idea:

- Dementia will be the 21st century's biggest killer. - 2/3 of people with dementia are women - 1 in 6 people aged 80 and over have dementia - There will be 1 million people with dementia or autism by 2025 - No cure in sight and care is the only form of support people have. Firs Farm is a beautiful space to walk - a great exercise/activity opportunity for all and where else to bring together young & old. It's vitally important to provide spaces where people with dementia, carers, other people from the community can meet outside of the home, with people who are in the same position and share their frustrations, experiences both good and bad. Somewhere where they can feel normal. It is good for others to be able to understand that this could "be me" at some point, or I might have to care for a loved one who succumbs to this dreadful disease. Sometimes it is easier to stay home and suffer rather than face the outside world that’s why it is so important to have these places.

Steps to get it done:

  • Target Reached
  • Funds recieved
  • Steering Group agree final design and programme of works
  • PM and PDM implement, monitor and review programme plan till completion
  • Hub complete / dry run
  • Opening / Launch to the public
  • Feedback from users
  • Continuous :- Review feedback - plan - implement - monitor - review etc. etc

It's vitally important to provide spaces where people with dementia, carers, other people from the community can meet outside of the home: - Health and wellbeing for carers and people with dementia and autism. - An awareness of Dementia and autism. - Promote the benefits of bringing together both old old and young - Empower people - Make the places better - Grow prosperity The hub will:- - Promote civic pride, empower people and grow prosperity. - Benefit the environment as it will encourage users to help create a sensory / raised garden and will encourage sustainability. - Boost the economy as it will encourage people to use Firs Farm and surrounding local businesses, instead of passing through Firs Lane to access the A10 / A406. - Increase volunteering opportunities and skills. as the friends organise and run various volunteering activities e.g. events, outdoor education, admin, practical conservation including clearing wetlands.

Location Enfield

Enfield has 27 other projects and £955,000 in potential grant funding

About the space

Firs Farm Wetlands Parks and Playing Fields


London Borough of Enfield

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How will the money be spent?Total £66,228

Building - £45,000 (68%)
Hard standing base - £5,000 (8%)
Fees - Professional - £3,000 (5%)
General Building Fit out - £1,300 (2%)
Flooring - £1,000 (2%)
Espresso Equipment / Firdge/Freezer / training (Barista) - £1,000 (2%)
Furnishings - £1,000 (2%)
Dishwasher Sink /Tap fittings / plumbung items - £1,000 (2%)
Air Ventilation - £500 (1%)
Insurance - £500 (1%)
Other - £6,928 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

Hard standing base
Fees - Professional
General Building Fit out
Espresso Equipment / Firdge/Freezer / training (Barista)
Dishwasher Sink /Tap fittings / plumbung items
Air Ventilation
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT
  • Crockery, utensils, linens and sundries
  • Signs and Marketting
  • Painting

Total £66,228

Our Wish List

We're currently looking for people to offer skills and stuff to develop our project! Check out the list of what we need below and then use the 'Offer Something' button to the right to get involved.
  • We would welcome any help with the project in terms of ;- - Marketing - Business planning - Website blogging
  • We are looking for Recycled buildings (cabins?) materials for building the Hub.
  • We would welcome - once funding has been acquired, any support in kitting out the kitchen area and the café furniture with recycled furnishings.
  • Design of the overall build would be useful - Can you support this skills request please?
  • We would welcome any donations of stuff that would help in terms of delivering the sensory garden
  • Are you a skilled gardener willing to donate your skills and time to assit in getting the sensory garden up and running that will help enrich peoples lives and volunteering skills? Yes... Then please get in touch. Thank you
  • Lighting projector / mood lights to aid in the creation of a better environment for our autistic visitors would be helpful. Can you help with this?
  • Autism soft play equipment and Soft "Walls"
  • Bramble proof Gloves and nitrile disposable gloves for gardening work with volunteers
  • brushcutters, reed slashers, grass trimmers, mowers (manual), hand tools, secateaurs, loppers to keep the green space around the community hub clear, useable and safe.
  • Railway sleepers to create raised beds for sensory area by community hub - easier for wheelchair users to access.
  • Spades, and sharpening tool to keep them sharp for digging
  • Carpenter to put the shelves up in the container
  • Wall hooks / rack and shelving wood / shelves to store tools on
  • Bottles of water to keep all the volunteers going whilst looking after their green space.
  • IT equipment: To enable us to get set up with wifi access and laptops for visitors to use in the Hub (These will need to have someway of locking them to a desk / table.
  • Volunteers to help run and organise the café. Support the users with IT / wifi access and support the aims of the "café"
  • Webmaster to organise our website with the details of the Community, dementia safe café.
  • Soft walls for autism area.
  • Practitioner volunteers to come along and support the dementia area once the Hub is up and running. A couple of hours a month or more would be great.
  • Lego flooring needs to be built in the Autism space with a clear surface covering this to make it special safe and easy to keep clean for the children.

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