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Depicting Excellent Black Architects.
Depicting Excellent Black Architects. joined Crowdfund London1 day ago

We have had a wonderful idea to create an exhibition which celebrates excellent Black Architects. The idea came around because, we were interested to interview some prestigious Architects, in an informal setting to gain advice on how to be successful in the industry. Through our research, we realised there was such an under-representation, we thought it would be a wonderful idea to showcase the ones which have created beautiful, ground breaking architecture across the world! We thought it would be interesting, fun, and highlight an important contribution of Architecture, that benefit young aspiring architects, including those from ethnic minority backgrounds. The exhibition concept is outlined firstly as an interview with excellent black architects we have spoken to from across the world, and interpretation of the interview through image representation of the Architect, their buildings, ideas, and personal elements which inspire the Architect.

Arts Space in the Community
Arts Space in the Community joined Crowdfund London1 day ago

There is a clear lack of space in West London for artists to embrace their creative hobbies and groups. What we aim to create is a centre that can offer much-needed space for those aspiring artists wanting to develop sustainable projects of their own. A lot of individuals have great project ideas and nowhere to deliver them which is why a space like this is so essential to the London Borough of Hounslow. Crime figures from 2016 dubbed Hounslow Town & Brentford the most dangerous places to live. Children & young adults often turn to crime in the area as a way of alleviating their boredom. Younger siblings copy the actions of their elder siblings involved in criminal activity and there needs to be something else for them to aspire to become. We need a project like this to take shape in our borough so it can give back to the entire community and change the negative portrayal of estates within the borough.

Mountsfield Park - Fox Proof Litter Bins
Mountsfield Park - Fox Proof Litter Bins joined Crowdfund London1 day ago

We want to make Mountsfield Park more welcoming and beautiful. Unfortunately foxes empty our old open style bins at night making Mountsfield Park untidy and unwelcoming. The Mountsfield Park urban foxes are naturally curious creatures, they investigate the bins looking for junk food and used nappies to use in their dens; unfortunately they don't clear up after themselves. This means that in a public place, that only has the services of a park-keeper two days per week, litter, old food and dog faeces are strewn across the grass, often left for days on end. This is not only unsightly but also a health hazard, especially to small children and also pet dogs.

Lewisham LIVE
Lewisham LIVE joined Crowdfund London2 days ago

Lewisham Live is a collective of Lewisham arts and education organisations who collaborate each year to give young people incredible experiences, performing on professional stages. Events take place throughout the borough with support and mentoring from arts professionals and bring together the diverse communities of Lewisham in celebration of the immense talent of our local young people. 2018 marks the festival’s 9th year and will see 2000 young people perform over 4 weeks in March, supported by 10 brilliant local organisations and many teachers, musicians and dancers, who give their time for little or nothing. Despite a strong support network, overheads and other local factors have increased our costs to produce the festival. This year we’re seeking a small amount of money to keep our ticket prices affordable. Specifically, this will be for 4 events at the magnificent, art deco gem, the Broadway Theatre and ensure families can see their children perform.

Shabby to chic
Shabby to chic joined Crowdfund London2 days ago

There is a small shop in ShawBrooke road se9 under the railway bridge that has been empty for many years now. We have always wanted it opened up again but the Proposals have been rubbish!! They want to turn it into a late night off license and the community are against this. The last thing we need is more temptation for those with alcohol problems. We believe it will also increase crime in the are and offers nothing to the community. I would love the opportunity to turn it into a salon for the whole community, young and old alike.

CONCRETE ISLAND joined Crowdfund London2 days ago

Support artist Charlie Warde as he lives beneath the Westway Flyover for 7 days, re-creating the urban dislocation experienced by the protagonist of Ballard’s Concrete Island. During his stay on the “island”, Charlie will create artworks inspired by the novel and his surroundings focusing on themes of connectivity, isolation and transformation within contemporary urban life, and the ultimate taming of the environment. In 1973 JG Ballard wrote a story about a man on his way home from work whose car careers of the newly built Westway Flyover, an epic concrete motorway raised above the houses and buildings divided either side. He crashes down into an undeveloped site becoming stranded, a modern urban Robinson Crusoe. With meagre supplies and bizarre encounters he exerts his will over the confines of his dominion in a transgressive and transformative act of self-discovery.

The Carnac Scoot
The Carnac Scoot joined Crowdfund London3 days ago

Opposite Elm Wood School there is an unloved under utilised grassed piece of land that could be an exciting place for children who come to school on their scooters to play and enjoy during and after school and at weekends. We want to create a mini race track with road markings, mock signs, raised gradients, flower beds and seating for parents, which includes a mobile kiosk serving hot and cold drinks and healthy snacks.

Lansdowne Astroturf Sports Pitch
Lansdowne Astroturf Sports Pitch joined Crowdfund London4 days ago

Lansdowne has a 330 square meter astroturf pitch to the rear of the building. It's the favourite facility of the young people who use the centre, and the one most in need of repair. We need to raise £15,000 to fund the installation of a brand new 3G astroturf, install hoardings, goals, new floodlights and an overhead net (to save our footballs when we have an overexcited player... that happens a lot!) Your support will help to create a space which is used year round by local young people, giving them a safe, friendly and welcoming place to spend their afternoons, weekends and school holidays. It will be the home and training ground of the Lansdowne U12, U16 and U19 football teams, and it will accommodate other sports, including netball, cage cricket, tennis and badminton. We'll also make the pitch available to rent at affordable rates to local groups, putting Lansdowne at the heart of the community in Stockwell.


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