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Better place for homeless
Better place for homeless joined Crowdfund London1 hr ago

I have seen a lot of homeless people on London streets. I have decided to live as a homeless to experiance their life and I found no less then tough and lonely. I felt while being homeless you have no objectives, it was difficult to take shower and find job. That's how I came to know why homeless person can not come out of this situation. I truly believe if we try and help them out we can make difference to their lives.

Upcycle heaven
Upcycle heaven joined Crowdfund London15 hrs ago

The idea of upstyle heaven is to take your unwanted items round your household which could be anything ranging from clothes,furniture,jewlery,vases,antiques that you are ready to throw away upstyle them using tips from our app which will provide you with local shops to buy products from using you're location we will then also give you a quote for how much you could sell the item/items for after or you could trade them or sell them onto other online users of our app, or if you simply do not have the time on your hands to do so we can come and collect your item/items upstyle them for you and then sell them on giving you a 30% profit for what we sold it for! Any items people wish to get rid of but do not want money for you can also donate and they will be given to charity organisations.

An oak sculpture trail for Furzedown!
An oak sculpture trail for Furzedown! joined Crowdfund London1 day ago

A great American Red Oak tree, at the heart of the community, had to be cut down due to a root fungus. Residents got together and persuaded the local Council to help them save the timber. This involved transporting 12 massive sections of the tree to a local church and storing them in the grounds. A group of artists and other local people formed around the idea of making a sculpture trail. We approached schools, churches and other organisations to see if they wished to work with us and perhaps host a sculpture. We ran workshops, exhibitions and stands at local events where people of all ages could develop their own ideas in plaster or clay and learn how to use chisels and mallets with the wood itself. Three of ten sculptures are in place and others are in process.

Green Gallery
Green Gallery joined Crowdfund London1 day ago

I think about "Touch Tours" work for everyone; and particularly for the blind, children or visually impaired reviewers as autism friendly . Sometimes people with autism need a quiet space to relax, an empty meeting room would be an ideal place for this.You may also need to adjust your lighting and audio levels and it is best to consult with local groups to see what would work best. Giving staff additional training in advance of these viewings can help to make sure that everyone feels welcome. I would like to make my gallery as a destination space: I would to offer something different and exciting. I will never forget art listings; art critics, journalists and bloggers.: I will try to have great relationships with all the gallery's artists.

Shine Cafe
Shine Cafe joined Crowdfund London2 days ago

The Shine Enterprise Centre is at the heart of Haringey and is dedicated to providing opportunities to people in the local community who are experiencing difficulties with homelessness, drugs, alcohol and mental health. We have recently been approached by Ray, a local who is homeless and looking to find work in the cafe and restaurant business. Shine is ideally placed between Crouch End, the Haringey Ladder, Wood Green and Turnpike Lane tube station, with a double shopfront onto Turnpike Lane. With this ideal location, Ray's personal drive and your support, there is an excellent opportunity to build a lasting community enterprise. Within a month of being funded the cafe will be up and running, with Ray in post after training at our partner roastery. Three months in we will be hosting regular, accessible courses. The cafe will then continue as a social enterprise, ensuring a sustainable source of training and employment in Haringey. The coffee will be amazing as well.

2 days ago
26 May 2017
Have you pitched to the Mayor’s Fund? Deadline is 5th June

Creating a project on Spacehive and submitting for verification, alone, is not a pitch to Crowdfund London.
By 5th June you have to:
- Finalise your project on Spacehive – It cannot be changed after this point
- Pitch your project to the Mayor’s Crowdfund London fund (which your project will be matched to, once created)
- Submit your project to Spacehive’s verification process
To pitch to the Mayor’s fund you will be required to add further information, some of which may take time to get in place. If you haven’t started this process now, you need to begin very soon.
You will be asked to upload evidence of:
- Your group’s legal status and governance arrangement
- Financial records (or organisation bank statements) and organisation account details
- Evidence of landowner consent (letter, where applicable)
- Evidence of local authority support (letter, where applicable)
- Evidence of planning permission (where applicable) or understanding of permissions that will be required before the project can begin
- Evidence of licences or insurance required (where applicable) or understanding of what will be required before the project can begin
- Your project plan with costs, milestones and details about you and your team who will deliver the project
- Detail about your community support
- The opportunity to upload any supporting research, or design drawings
​​​​​​​Note: This cannot be left until the last minute and will be forming a key part in the way we assess your project for a pledge.
With just ten days left to get your project ready, don't delay and get your project uploaded and your pitch prepared today. Any questions we're here to help. Check out our FAQs here or send us an email to
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ISLINGTON SOUND BUNKER joined Crowdfund London2 days ago

Urdang is an established arts college in the centre of London. It occupies the Old Finsbury Town Hall building. Urdang have recently dried out the two lower level basements that have been disused and flooded for many years. There are two floors now accessible to convert for educational and community use. The Urdang aim to convert this space into a multi-use space for Music Production, Sound Recording, Rehearsal space, Social and Educational Music Hub. Aimed as community space that is attractive and specific for DJ Schools, young bands, local musicians and singers to work together, create new works and rehearse. We want the facility to be a welcoming 'go to place' for young people and musicians in the local area and surrounding boroughs. As a leading industry provider Urdang has successfully worked on many community inclusion projects. Phase two, is planned to use the Bunker as a base for outreach work to be prepared for local schools to get involved and be introduced to the hub.

Horsenden  Grape and Honey Farm
Horsenden Grape and Honey Farm joined Crowdfund London2 days ago

Horsenden Grape and Honey farm project will enlist the active HAAGA Community, Schools, Scouts, NCS and local Community to transform a derelict plot of land to produce in due course, organic Grape juice and Honey production. The growing and production process will be captured in an educational facility including a photo exhibition ' from seeds to bees to sale' building awareness in the local community at each stage of the process. Produce will, eventually, be marketed to local schools, hospitals at cost to replace 'fizzy drinks' which will include generating the educational value of Horsenden G & H Farm.Organic honey will be marketed to Hay fever sufferers and Health conscious parents/residents across the local area.

TYS2 garden 4 everyone started fundraising!2 days ago
Blah Blah
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