Firstly, THANK YOU for all your support which got us to 43% funded!!! We have managed to extend our crowdfund for another 3 months to ensure we hit the target despite Covid-19! HOWEVER....Your pledges have a 6 month expiry date, which means all pledges between January - April have been cancelled! That means over £3000 of donations can’t be taken forward! If you pledged between 27th January - 5th April we are kindly asking if you could pledge again, as your previous donation has expired and been cancelled! It's exactly the same system as before, your pledge is only withdrawn from your account IF we hit the target by the new deadline. It’s a WIN WIN system, if we don’t hit the target your pledge is not withdrawn! Thank you again SO much for supporting our work! We know we can hit the target! Sending love and gratitude to you all! Erika Leadbeater Founder