Awaken Heathfield Nature Gardens ponds

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Awaken Heathfield Nature Gardens ponds

Awaken Heathfield Nature Gardens ponds

Larissa Pelham By Larissa Pelham

Transforming the disheveled pond area in Heathfield Gardens into a beautiful and safe place for local residents to enjoy & local nurseries, schools and care homes to use and as a haven for wildlife

Ealing Idea stage

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The fenced off area in Heathfield Gardens contains three ponds. The area is currently dishevelled, dirty and unattractive, currently an eyesore attracting vermin, litter and antisocial behaviour. But imagine this as a beautiful, tranquil spot - a haven for local residents and wildlife, a learning spot for local nurseries and young school children to explore and learn, a respite for the care homes in the area and a place where beautiful wildlife could flourish and provide trees and bushes to absorb some of the traffic pollution on Gunnersbury Lane. The benefits would be as follows: - A sanctuary for local residents, to enjoy a beautiful water & naturegarden - A haven for wildlife to flourish - Reduce (absorb) some of the pollution from Gunnersbury Lane - A sensory garden for local elder persons and children alike to enjoy - A resource for local nurseries and schoolchildren to visit, explore & learn - Contribute to building the local community

What we'll deliver:

  • Drain, prepare, restore and refill the three ponds
  • Clear surrounding area and replant (and possibly re-grass) with appropriate foliage and flowers
  • Replace/repair the fencing for accessibility
  • Engage local residents in the process through consultations and volunteer activities
  • Put in place a management and maintenance system to preserve the area and ensure the longevity of this investment.

Why it's a great idea:

This overlooked pond area in Heathfield Gardens is just waiting to be awakened. It could so obviously be a beautiful spot in the gardens, instead of the eyesore and uninviting spot that it is currently. We have a local water feature which we're not using - and it wouldn't take much work to transform this space from a place people avoid to somewhere that we can all enjoy, young and old alike. It could be an additional recreational facility in Acton instead of somewhere we avoid and which currently provides a 'hideout' for unsavoury behaviour, rubbish and vermin. It would bring pleasure to this highly urban and congested area and enhance the small playground attached to it, as well as the fruit orchard planted back in 2013 as a local residents' project. It would create a better sense of community and open up our social engagement by creating a beautiful - and lasting - sanctuary for everyone to enjoy. It would also restore what was originally part of Gunnersbury Park to its past beauty.

Steps to get it done:

  • Contracting contractor to help with pond restoration (or likely working with Capel Manor College to plan and implement).
  • Drain and clear out ponds and litter from area (in part with volunteer contribution)
  • COnsult community on design and plans for the restoration
  • Plant and restore vegetation (with volunteer events)
  • Advice from SEN and pan-disability expert to ensure area is accessible
  • Consultation with local community and groups to establish needs and accessibility for the ponds

We would undertake this project so that local residents can participate - both to have their say in the design of the pond area, but also in volunteer events to help restore it. We would work with local nurseries and primary schools for children also to engage in the process and to ensure that the area could cater for all different types of needs. Finally, we would engage a pan-disability services to engage in the planning and design of the restored gardens to ensure that they are properly accessible to meet these needs. This project would be in association with Capel Manor College, linked to their animal and horticulture and gardening courses - so that students will use heathfield gardens as a field site for their practical work experience for their course (10 days). Gunnersbury Park have also offered to contribute with staff and volunteer community days, providing labour and tools to help clear and plant the site. Finally, we hope to work with Ealing Council Ranger Volunteer sch

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London Borough of Ealing

How will the money be spent?Total £31,539

Contract for cleaning out, restoring and refilling ponds and surrounding area - £20,000 (63%)
COmmission assessment into water play area on site - £5,000 (16%)
Purchase of wildflowers and shrubbery - £3,000 (10%)
Launch event - £500 (2%)
Other - £3,039 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Contract for cleaning out, restoring and refilling ponds and surrounding area
COmmission assessment into water play area on site
Purchase of wildflowers and shrubbery
Launch event
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This project is enabled for overfunding. If the project hits its funding goal before the end of the campaign period, any extra funds raised will be spent (in order of priority) on:

  • Any extra funds would go towards:
  • - additional plants, shrubbery and promotion of wildlife (such as insect houses, bird houses, hedgehog homes
  • - recreational facilities such as park benches and outdoor play facilities (if we make a water play area)
  • - signage for information
  • - establishing a maintenance system
  • - 'greening' other parts of heathfield gardens

Total £31,539

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