Grateful to all the visitors. The aim is to make new friendships and foster a spirit of unity within the community. Had 2 olive trees from Faith Forum of @EnfieldCouncil & planted in our garden. The faith community reps celebrated the peace at #VisitMyMosque event. Thanks to @CostakisE ,Tina Kelsey,Bob of Quakers,Shan of @nagapooshani and Martine of All credits go to our volunteers who made it happened. Special thanks to; MP @KateOsamor MP @joanryanEnfield for their continuous support to @RumiMosque She paid tribute towards the work of volunteers especially such art stalls as calligraphy and marbling (Ebru). We are sincerely greatful to all our concillors at @EnfieldCouncil who did not forget us on #VisitMyMosque day. Thank you @MBedekova 🌷 Thank you @joanne4enfield 🌷 Thank you @JamesHockneyLLB 🌷 Thank you @LiRawlings60 🌷