London Borough of Enfield

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Why we are on Spacehive

“Enfield Council's collaboration with Spacehive is all about community democracy and empowerment. We would like our residents to look closely at how they think they can add value to local communities. Those with the right amount of creativity and drive will be given full support every step of the way - whether it's renovating an old building, sprucing up a park or funding dance classes for the elderly. All we ask for is that projects are fun, exciting, accessible and can make a difference in the community." - Cllr Sitkin, Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration and Business Development and crowdfunding champion.

What we're offering


We have the following Funds on Spacehive, offering a total of £50000 to relevant projects. To apply, create your project idea and if you're matched, submit us a pitch!


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