Dear Friends - a quick update to say our campaign was supposed to end yesterday, but now that Liverpool City Council have pledged we are so close, we've asked for a 4wk extension to give it a last push to reach our target. If we don't hit target we'll get nothing at all, so we are utterly determined to get it over the line. The overall costs on the changing rooms refurbishment are sky-rocketing due to covid and brexit, so more than ever we need this extra funding to get renewable energy systems into the building. It's a tough time to be doing a capital project, or fundraising, and we thank you for your pledges so far, we are so appreciative of your support. If all of you were able to share this campaign with 3 friends who support our values (nature, the environment, people, social justice) and even 1 of those then pledged, it would give us a real push towards the finish line. Also, we have a business sponsorship scheme for any shops, businesses or organisations you think might support. Again, a massive thank you for being early supporters - we'd have given up long ago if people like you didn't believe in us and in building a green community asset for health and wellbeing through nature. Best wishes from all of us at Growing Sudley x