Broomfield Pond Swim Society

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Broomfield Pond Swim Society

Broomfield Pond Swim Society

Broomfield Pond Swim Society By Broomfield Pond Swim Society

The aim of the Broomfield Pond Swim Society is to work hand in hand with the residents of Palmers Green and Enfield Council to restore Broomfield Park's ponds to swimmable quality.

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Our mission is an ambitious one but our goal couldn't be clearer. "Let's get people back in the water!" Longtime local residents of Palmers Green will remember that the boating lake adjacent Alderman's Hill was used as a family paddling pool decades ago. Indeed, if you ask the right person they may tell you that in addition to the paddling pool they had relatives who swam in the bottom pond until 1933, when it was the home of the Broomfield Swim Club. The bottom lake has a graded bottom for wading in and if you look closely you can still see remnants the stone diving platform on one of the corners. Both ponds suffer from poor water quality that have rendered them unswimmable in recent years. We have been quietly working behind the scenes to identify the challenges and propose solutions towards tackling this water pollution issue. We have a multi-phase plan beginning with the restoration of the Boating Lake and completing a long term feasibility study for restoring the Bathing Pond.

What we'll deliver:

  • Working collaboratively with Enfield Council and community groups to restore the Boating Lake.
  • Approaching the Environmental Agency to find a solution that will make the Boating Lake swimmable.
  • Commissioning a feasibility study for diverting fresh water to revive the Bathing Pond.
  • Partnering with local events to supply a mini pop-up water play area, toy boat regatta and water lantern festival.
  • Planning for Phase 2: Restoration of the Baroque Water Gardens and making the Bathing Pond swimmable again.

Why it's a great idea:

This project is a great idea that people are buzzing about because: 1. It's fun! Swimming and bathing are activities that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy. Whether you're looking to play or exercise it's always better in the water. 2. It's a local environmental problem! The Friends of Broomfield Park are doing an incredible job tackling the water pollution problem caused by road runoff and the illegal plumbing of household sewage from the Lakes Estates into the storm drains through the planting of the Wetlands Project. This same pollution is what makes the Ponds unswimmable and with the funding and support we are seeking we can advance both causes. 3. It's ancient history! No, really. Did you know that the 3 ponds at the bottom of the park are actually the only remaining set of 3 Baroque water gardens in existence?! They were originally a part of the grounds of Broomfield House and are Grade 2 listed. When was the last time you swam in a national treasure (legally)?

Steps to get it done:

  • Securing cooperation from Enfield Council to proceed with plans for both ponds.
  • Permission from the Environmental Agency to refill the Boating Lake from the Artesian Well.
  • Getting the collapsed pipes from the Boating Lake to the drain and from the well to the Boating Lake repaired.
  • Cleaning out the Boating Lake.
  • Consulting with Historic England on plans to revive the Bathing Pond and Baroque Water Gardens.
  • Feasibility Study regarding plans to have clean water diverted to Bathing Pond.
  • Planning a mini pop-up water play area, toy boat regatta and water lantern festival in Broomfield Park 2020.
  • Reveal Phase 2 of our plan, to seek to deliver a swimmable Bathing Pond.

Location Southgate

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Broomfield Park Ponds, Broomfield Park N13 4HE


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