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About West Sussex Crowd


Created by West Sussex County Council

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West Sussex is full of people with great ideas who come together to make things happen to improve their communities. The West Sussex Crowd helps to connect those ideas that make a positive difference with supporters, to raise funds to make projects happen. Local communities know what they need and crowdfunding is a great way to harness the ideas, energy and resources to make things happen. There is a range support available for projects running campaigns, including workshops and webinars. West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is the driving force behind this initiative and has a £280,000 Community Initiative Fund (CIF) for projects running campaigns. This replaces the way WSCC has allocated its funding previously. PITCH YOUR PROJECT IDEA BY TUESDAY 28 MAY 2019. What are you waiting for? Upload your project to showcase your idea, inspire others, create energy within your community, gather supporters and make it a reality!

Our Journey

Your Carnival Needs You!
Your Carnival Needs You! joined West Sussex Crowd 1 day ago

Worthing Rotary seeks to raise money for as many good local causes as we can afford, i.e. homelessness, care and disability groups, personal strife, youth support and lots more, and the Carnival is one of our main fund-raising events. It's a lot of hard work for dozens of Rotarian volunteers but we do so for the fun and the enjoyment and the atmosphere it creates for the community on the day AND for the financial benefit of the community afterwards ! Our breath-taking Carnival is a two-day event with charity stalls and refreshments galore, all setting-up on August Bank Holiday Sunday in Steyne Gardens. On Monday thirty or so floats parade along the seafront, marching bands, dancers and music, eye-catching local groups showing us their skills that they practise every week. The Town Crier never misses ! A true community entertainment of colour, noise and creativity for the thousands lucky enough to witness. We urgently appeal for your support in delivering this event for 2019.

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Click For Change
Click For Change joined West Sussex Crowd 1 week ago

JustDifferent has ten years of experience of offering subsidised stimulating, interactive and educational disability awareness workshops, written and created by people with disabilities. Founded in 2008 by Toby Hewson who was born with Cerebral Palsy, JustDifferent is named purposely to convey the fact that we are all unique and our differences should be celebrated rather than used against us. Hate crime, trolling and bullying is on the rise, it is even more important that we educate the younger generation to know that it's fine to "look different from each other or be disabled" and in so doing, promote an inclusive society. Our workshops are popular, inclusive and enlightening. We would like to transfer these to video so as to reach a much wider audience online. This will enable us to promote our work to potential schools interested in hosting these - and to create a web space for access to these workshops.

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Outdoor classroom at Holy Trinity School
Outdoor classroom at Holy Trinity School joined West Sussex Crowd 1 week ago

The outdoor classroom will be located close to our pond habitat, will have the capability to host a class of up to 32 children and have step-free access. The wooden structure will have a tiled pitched roof, be open on 1 side, 2 sides will be low height and wood cladded and the final side a gable end with a blackboard. It would provide close access to the gated pond area. The outdoor classroom structure provides an all-weather multi-purpose area.

Seymour School Bicycle Shelter hit its fundraising target!1 week ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Brookside Memorial Garden Community Grou
Brookside Memorial Garden Community Grou joined West Sussex Crowd 1 week ago

I was asked to take on the challenge of transforming the graveyard into the promised Memorial Garden in 2015. The graveyard was purchased from the church in the late 80's by a local Developer, who developed the surrounding land. The land was cleared and abandoned. The land is now Crown land. We have just completed the historical stage of the project, uncovered the remaining headstone etc. spoken to 13 family units about their relatives and generally brought the history of the forgotten graveyard to life. We are at second phase of the project, the creation of the Memorial Garden. We have very limited funds and have up to now relied entirely on the generosity of the community and local businesses. We would love to commission 3 Benches and a Memorial Plaque - so that the community can remember those buried on the site for generations to come - never to be forgotten again.This is a rough plan of the site - well what we would love to see. The brown lines mark where the seats would go,