About West Sussex Crowd

About West Sussex Crowd

Enabling communities to make great projects happen in West Sussex

West Sussex is full of people with great ideas who come together to make things happen to improve their communities. The West Sussex Crowd helps to connect those ideas that make a positive difference with supporters, to raise funds to make projects happen. Local communities know what they need and crowdfunding is a great way to harness the ideas, energy and resources to make things happen. As part of this initiative there will be a range support available for projects running campaigns, including workshops and webinars. West Sussex County Council (WSCC) is the driving force behind this initiative and has a £330,000 Community Initiative Fund (CIF) for projects running campaigns.This replaces the way WSCC has allocated its funding in previous years. Follow the movement to be notified when the fund is launched on 18th April What are you waiting for? Upload your project to showcase your ideas, inspire others, create energy within your community, gather supporters and make it a reality!

Areas of interest

Sport & Play Parks & Gardens Arts & Culture Buildings Food & Farming Streets & Infrastructure
Helped the environment Boosted the economy Increased volunteering, jobs & education Supported arts, culture & heritage Promoted activity & leisure

Created by West Sussex County Council

West Sussex County Council provides services to more than 850,000 residents every day.


The County Council works in partnership with its communities and a wide range of organisations to make West Sussex an amazing place to live, work and visit.

More Information

West Sussex Crowd gives you the opportunity to ask neighbours, friends, family and the local community to back your project with a pledge.

If you can demonstrate community backing for your project through your campaign you might also receive a pledge of up to £5,000 from West Sussex County Council's (WSCC) Community Initiative Fund (CIF). 

Below is a brief overview of the process:

• Create a project page on Spacehive outlining what your project is all about and talk to your local County Councillor to get their support

• Your project will be automatically matched to the CIF fund on Spacehive – so you can then pitch to the fund

• Locality, a third party that Spacehive work with, will then verify your project – check the costs and permissions

• Once all checks are complete you will be advised when your project is ready to start crowdfunding

• Begin by trying to get lots of small pledges from the community to demonstrate community need and support for your idea

• Decisions about CIF pledges will be made by County Councillors at County Local Committee meetings

• The size of the pledge will depend on the size of the project, how it delivers against fund criteria, the impact it will have, and the buy in from the community. The maximum pledge size will be £5,000.

• Note: the Council will not be the first organisation to pledge as they want to see community support for your project.

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