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Help make Tower Hamlets a great place to live, work and play. Could you help to improve green spaces in Tower Hamlets? Have you got an idea to increase volunteering opportunities or training? Could you deliver a project that brings cultural or arts activities to local people? Or do you have a great idea to bring people together? If so, tell us about it today. The Our Tower Hamlets crowdfunding programme is running a winter funding round. If you are interested in getting involved you need to have created your project by the 13th of January 2020. Along with pledges from your local community, there is an opportunity to get up to £10,000 from the council towards your crowdfunding campaign. As part of this round, we will be running free workshop on the 14 November 2019. Read below to register interest in attending this event and to understand the process and how to get involved.

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Transform The Common Room - Roman Road
Transform The Common Room - Roman Road joined Our Tower Hamlets1 day ago

The Common Room is a temporary structure built in 2014 in an un-loved corner of Roman Road. This fund is required to transform the existing structure to become a community learning and cultural space in partnership with several cultural and educational organisations and institutions. The structure will need new roofing, flooring, front extension, storage, and toilet. We intend for the programme offered in The Common Room to continually evolve to suit the needs, desires, and interests of local people. However, to begin, the focus will be threefold: 
 1 - Knowledge and learning on sustaining healthy high streets 2 - Learning programme on Community Organising to support and work with Roman Road Trust to deliver democratic and fit for purpose programmes 3 - Cultural programmes which will initially draw upon the radical history of the area but will move to draw upon the current cultural offering to reflect our diverse local community

Cardboard Citizens Hostel Tour
Cardboard Citizens Hostel Tour joined Our Tower Hamlets1 day ago

Within East London, the number of people living on the streets is on the increase. Tower Hamlets, where Cardboard Citizens is based remains one of the most deprived boroughs of London. Cardboard Citizens is uniquely placed to make a real and lasing difference in the lives of thousands of homeless people. Since our founding, we have reached 34,000 people affected by or at-risk of homelessness. We are seeking support to deliver a targeted programme of outreach to, day services, youth centres and prisons in spring/ summer 2020. We will target 10/15 settings within East London, in order engage with those who are most at risk and not accessing support services. Sessions will use the power of theatre to tackle some of the negative images of homelessness and find solutions for greater community understanding and cohesion - working to ensure all of our activity improves the places and spaces accessed by homeless people in East London and beyond.

Dance for Dementia
Dance for Dementia joined Our Tower Hamlets1 day ago

Remember to Dance in Tower Hamlets is a dance and live music session for people living with dementia and their carers and companions. Due to lack of funding, we are no longer able to run these sessions which has left a huge void for some of our participants. Our sessions are mentally stimulating and creatively inspiring, while at the same time participants develop skills in dance and movement, including co-ordination, balance, motor skills, body and spatial awareness while working towards greater flexibility in tendons and joints, better cardiac functioning, and muscle strength. The sessions take place in a friendly and non-threatening atmosphere and contribute to the psychological and physical well-being of older people living with dementia and their carers, combating isolation. We have had no choice but to stop these sessions due to lack of funding and we know that our participants are desperate to return. For some, these sessions were the highlight of their week.

The Divine Feminine Project
The Divine Feminine Project joined Our Tower Hamlets1 day ago

Our mission is to explore and expand the boundaries of using art as a therapeutic tool. This will be a public exhibition that combines immersive sensory art and healing workshops in the same space. Allowing the audience to both appreciate and be part of the work. It will take place over 5 days and 5 nights in Tower Hamlets. By day the space will be open for everyone to experience; by night a powerful container for workshops and healing. Using a community oriented and inclusive approach this exhibition will be a place to reconnect to the concept of ‘the feminine’. Whilst being accessible to the public, we will focus on engaging with east London charities, particularly focusing (but not limited to) trauma healing and female charity groups. We need your help to turn this dream into reality. Let’s bring the healing power of art to east London!

Fashion and Creative Hub
Fashion and Creative Hub joined Our Tower Hamlets1 day ago

We will work with a range of partners, including local emerging fashion designers and creatives, community groups and professional organisations such as London College of Fashion to establish this Fashion & Creative Hub, that is deeply rooted and embedded in the community as a gateway and feeder centre into some of the exciting new programmes and initiatives being developed as part of the wider East London Fashion District. The centre will introduce the fashion and creative industries to communities that may not have explored this field, providing training and a space for learning, networking and co-production. With working class communities and BAME communities under-represented and often marginalised by the creative industries due to various barriers, the centre will focus on bring the creative industry to these communities. The centre is located in the heart of the community and we will use all our networks to reach a new audience and help create new opportunities for them.

HAUS OF joined Our Tower Hamlets1 day ago

HAUS OF travels to existing charities such as St.Mungos and Crisis to offer classes to the service members that are making their way through recovery. We will deliver extensive programming at relevant spaces in Tower Hamlets in 2020 and beyond. HAUS OF is a project aiming to build cohesive communities, to improve current partnership relationships between arts organisations and charity/outreach organisations. HAUS OF is overall a project that aims to minimise isolation and the issues that result from isolation. Many organisations/spaces cannot provide arts; HAUS OF would mediate this issue. HAUS OF was created by Potter Rachel Godin and Furniture Designer/Maker Elise Harrison in December 2018. We teach pottery and furniture making classes to vulnerable adults living with homelessness, mental illness, loneliness and addiction. Both Rachel and Elise have lived experience with mental illness and addiction. HAUS OF is a pay it forward project with tremendous healing potential.

Canning Town Creative Tearooms
Canning Town Creative Tearooms joined Our Tower Hamlets1 day ago

A tailor cafe and creative hub for the community to meet and learn new skills. With lessons given in a number of crafts alongside the ability to just be creative. There will be comfy seating and bench tables for creative groups to use, encouraging community involvement in craft. This project will take place within the local TH community in an expert environment to provide learning and exploration about the fashion and textile industries cost on the planet by Couchman Bespoke. Couchman Bespoke is an ethical tailoring brand that is dedicated to reducing the water usage and pollution caused from the fashion industry. Promoting conscious shopping, a way of consuming items that fit within your life and wardrobe without compromise, and encouraging people to have clothes fitted correctly after purchase prolonging the wear life of garments. Within the space clothing that would otherwise go to landfill and not bio-degrade, will be reworked into another use within our lifestyles and sold.

Multi-media music space 4 young people
Multi-media music space 4 young people joined Our Tower Hamlets5 days ago

Streets of Growth, a Youth Enterprise, working in partnership with Tower Hamlets Homes have secured a space in Bethnal Green to develop multi-media and music space for young people encouraging them to learn new creative skills whilst broadening their horizons. Focusing on confidence building, developing self-esteem, enhancing their social skills and giving them an immense sense of achievement. Streets of Growth, Youth Coaches will outreach across Tower Hamlets to engage at risk young people who might be drawn to antisocial harmful behaviour and support them to access positive creative opportunities at the multi-media space. The project will provide young people with the opportunity to have their first real experience in music and multi-media. creating a space that will provide social, entrepreneurial, educational opportunities as well as signposting young people who wish to take their experience further and develop creative arts career pathways.

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