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Covid-19 response: Our Tower Hamlets has made some significant changes to the programme in order to support those organisations who are caring for the most vulnerable in our community. Read the below tap on the Covid-19 response for more information ------------------------- General programme Could you help to improve green spaces in Tower Hamlets? Have you got an idea to increase volunteering opportunities or training? Could you deliver a project that brings cultural or arts activities to local people? Or do you have a great idea to bring people together? If so, tell us about it today. Along with pledges from your local community, there is an opportunity to get up to £10,000 from the council towards your crowdfunding campaign. The next deadline for the round of funding is the 9th of September. See the below tab for more information.

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Remember To Dance
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Remember to Dance in Tower Hamlets is a dance and live music session for people living with dementia and their carers and companions. Our sessions are mentally stimulating and creatively inspiring, while at the same time participants develop skills in dance and movement, including co-ordination, balance, motor skills, body and spatial awareness while working towards greater flexibility in tendons and joints, better cardiac functioning, and muscle strength. Due to the current circumstances, we are no longer able to run sessions face to face so we have had to adjust our project idea and we are seeking funding for the revised offer and need your help. The sessions would take place online in a friendly atmosphere where participants can join from their own homes. The sessions will contribute to the psychological and physical well-being of older people living with dementia and their carers, combating isolation safely in the current circumstances.

Enhancing Ackroyd Drive Greenlink
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Trapped in Zone One is a BAME led creative organisation based in Tower Hamlets. Our aim is to engage with community groups and organisations to improve the health and wellbeing of diverse communities through creative practices, via a diverse range of partnerships with local organisations and individuals. In partnership with Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park we propose to deliver a nature, heritage and art-based community project on Ackroyd Drive Greenlink, a ‘green corridor’ linking Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park with Mile End Park. Ackroyd Drive Greenlink adjoins a large, high-rise housing estate and suffers from pressures including fly tipping, traffic congestion and noise/odour pollution. The Greenlink has also suffered historically from neglect and there are still issues regarding littering, graffiti and other anti-social behaviours.

A dog day care centre for Hackney Wick
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Our dream is to create a space for humans and animals to come together and enjoy as a community. We will provide dog day care, walkies and training – with an awesome plant-based café. But Barkney Wick will be far more than this. We want to positively engage with and further forge the community of Hackney Wick. The doggy day care will offer full day, half day and walk-only services. Dog treats and accessories will also be sold from the centre. Puppy training and other behavioural classes will be run in the evenings. The café will be open weekdays and open to pop up plant based restaurants on evenings and weekends. The day care area will also be available for community use. The fit out of the centre will be predominantly from recycled and up-cycled materials, sourced locally, in keeping with the ethos of the centre which is to be eco-friendly and low waste. We need your help to raise the funds to pay for the fit out and start up costs of the centre - "Barkney Wick".

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!