Codesigning a communal space @ Poplar

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Codesigning a communal space @ Poplar

Codesigning a communal space @ Poplar

Andrea Sender By Andrea Sender

This project will promote a collaborative process of transformation of a communal space in Poplar neighbourhood, in order to empower the community and to co-create an identity for public spaces .

Londres Idea stage

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This project aims to transform a common area in the Poplar neighbourhood, collaboratively, engaging the community in 4 different stages: 1. MEET THE COMMUNITY Identify and engage the community in the process, using specific social technology; 2. GET TO KNOW COMMUNITY DREAMS Co-create the project to be built during 2 community meetings: 1st meeting: Community Dream; 2nd meeting: Prototype – 3D model made by the community; 3. HANDS ON Transform the space with partners and volunteers with specific expertise and abilities - such as architecture collectives, craft workers - building together with the community; 4. EMPOWER TO MANAGE From the learning of the collaborative process help the community to stay connected and occupy the transformed space, continuously co-creating.

What we'll deliver:

  • build it together with the community
  • co-create a project to redesign a communal space
  • co-create a schedule for occupying the transformed space

Why it's a great idea:

With a small amount of money, we will stimulate the creation of a happier, safer and more socially connected community, having as main objectives: - Empower the community; - Foster trust and collaboration within the community; - Stimulate inclusiveness; - Repurpose a communal space with and for its community; - Increase self confidence; - Promote collaboration. That will happens through a collaborative process of transforming a communal space with the community.

Steps to get it done:

  • Celebration
  • Materials and people mapped
  • Model of the space
  • Community Dream to the space
  • Hands on transformation

Founded in 2013, Acupuntura Urbana is a social business with the mission of transforming public spaces in an active and participative manner, strengthening relationships that stimulate society’s engagement in order to create a more humane city. The name says it all: we are agents that change community relationships and cityscapes. We get right to the point! In a systematic and integrated manner we design projects and work with services that promote better living, working, and recreational spaces. partner CIDADE HUMANA Cidade Humana is a social business which aims to transform cities into more humane and walkable environmeent, enabling every citizen to offer their best and potentializing the cities through encounters of diverse people on public spaces. We repurpose the city through the colletive creation and interaction with the city, promoting a continuous process of transformation. Our main project is SampaPé!, an iniciative that promotes walkability in São Paulo - Brazil.

Location Londres

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How will the money be spent?Total £2,324

Paints and Construction Material - £1,200 (52%)
Partners Workshops - £400 (17%)
Logistics - £300 (13%)
Papers and 3D Model Material - £100 (4%)
Papers and Paint Materials - £100 (4%)
Other - £224 (10%)

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Paints and Construction Material
Partners Workshops
Papers and 3D Model Material
Papers and Paint Materials
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £2,324

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