B.Box - Green your balcony

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B.Box - Green your balcony

B.Box - Green your balcony

mareike menzel By mareike menzel

The BalconyBox/ BBox is a simple idea based on the way we live today, in cities, in flats with little access to nature, to provide ready made boxes full of flowers and leafiness to our balconies.

Stratford Idea stage

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Most balconies are empty or used a storage; greening these outdoor rooms and applying a similar philosophy as a ready made meal is the origin of the BBox: all ingredients get delivered to your door - why not do the same for your balcony? Ready made boxes, ready to order, right to your door. Even though most our balconies are small they still offer a great potential to bring a little bit of nature into our homes and hearts. The BBox aims to do that in a ready - made way that still allows each of us to get our fingers dirty with a bit of planting, gardening and harvesting whilst providing a little habitat. This way we green our balconies, create places for us to sit, read and relax, places to nurture, grow and harvest and to provide something valuable for city wildlife. Our balconies then become: A place for bees A place for me A place to be All you have to do is choose your box, your pots and colours and wait for your balcony to become a loved and happy room, part of your home.

What we'll deliver:

  • Greening building facades
  • Provide habitat for insect, bees, butterflies...
  • Increase well being and health

Why it's a great idea:

This project works on may levels it improves the way our buildings look, increases our livable area, provides habitat for wildlife and supports local business. It also addresses health and well being issues by providing a little opportunity to nurture the plants through the seasons, observe them grow and flower, and provide a space to sit and read, relax and enjoy. The plant combinations follow the seasons through selective replacement planting whilst celebrating colour, smells and textures. Any balcony, small or big, can be transformed into a green oasis and having ready made boxes delivered to your door makes it easy, fast and uncomplicated but instantly changes an empty unsightly balcony into a pleasing, happy and welcoming outdoor room. It is proven that looking into 'green' improves our mental well being which these days is even more important so the BBox would help to adress mind, body and wildlife in a very simple and effective way.

Steps to get it done:

  • Create 3no. standard BBoxes (incl. maintenance schedule and plant leaflet) by end of May/ early June
  • Finalise website and launch by end of May/ early June
  • Distribute leaflets/ flyers on Fish Island and local businesses by end of May/ early June

Would address overall apperance of buildings and soften the facade in the recent high density mixed use developments constructed.

Location Stratford

About the space

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London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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How will the money be spent?Total £166

Plants for general BBox (s/m/l combination) - £55 (33%)
BBox 1 - terracotta pots (s/m/l) plus saucer - £25 (15%)
BBox 3 - plastic pots (s/m/l) plus saucer - £25 (15%)
Extras 1 - Watering can - £15 (9%)
Pre fertilised growing substrate - £14 (8%)
BBox 2 - fabric bags (s/m/l) - £10 (6%)
Delivery - £5 (3%)
Canvas bag for extra substrate - £1 (1%)
Other - £16 (10%)

Costs Breakdown

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Plants for general BBox (s/m/l combination)
BBox 1 - terracotta pots (s/m/l) plus saucer
BBox 3 - plastic pots (s/m/l) plus saucer
Extras 1 - Watering can
Pre fertilised growing substrate
BBox 2 - fabric bags (s/m/l)
Canvas bag for extra substrate
Other Read More
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  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT


This project is enabled for overfunding. If the project hits its funding goal before the end of the campaign period, any extra funds raised will be spent (in order of priority) on:

  • Extra plants to try minimum of 3 colour combinations with a total of 30 plants including terracotta and plastic pots with minimum 1no. pot being 50cm diameter and supportive metal frame.
  • Extra plants to establish, grow and harvest a 'produce' box containing plants of 3x herbs (i.e. majoram/ parsley/ rosemary), 3x veg (i.e. courgette/ salad/ chard) and 2x fruit (i.e. strawberries/ raspberries).
  • Accessories to test quality of 2no. outdoor rugs, 2no. solar powered lights

Total £166

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