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Choose Love Mural E1 started fundraising!2 days ago
Shoreditch Dog House
Shoreditch Dog House joined Our Tower Hamlets2 days ago

We give dog owners the unique opportunity to bring their dog to work with them by prioritising FLEXIBILITY of our services and adapting to their needs as owners. So if they have a 1hr meeting, or want to go to the gym or even have arranged to meet friends for a drink in a bar that doesn’t allow pets, then we are here to help. While they are with us, our trained staff will “socialise” dogs with other dogs and give them the best care on offer so that the owner always knows that their best friend is benefiting from their stay at the House. We employ local unemployed people, who will be given full training in Animal Welfare, Dog training, day to day running and management of a business. They will be supervised and trained up to run the centre when they are ready. We are teaming up with local dog rescue charity All Dogs Matter where they will collaborate with us on a launch and other future events to promote rescuing and saving dogs lives in East London and surrounding areas.

Community Garden based in a GP surgery
Community Garden based in a GP surgery joined Our Tower Hamlets2 days ago

I have been working at the surgery for around 8 months and discovered an unused garden space. The surgery agreed to let me turn it into a garden for patients and staff but they had no budget for it so we tried to do it for free. Since February this year Hackney City Farm have been giving us a member of staff (Rita) for free to come and help myself and some patient volunteers to turn the weed filled patch into a beautiful garden, and we have managed (mostly) to do the whole thing with reclaimed, recycled or donated things. We have now cleared the whole place of weeds, created beds, planted many flowers, herbs and vegetables and created a compost system. We have several volunteers who have a range of physical and mental health issues and the garden has been really helpful for people who regularly attend the GP surgery, want to improve their wellbeing but lack the confidence to go to a community project they don't know. We are bring the community feeling into the surgery instead!

Choose Love Mural E1
Choose Love Mural E1 joined Our Tower Hamlets4 days ago

<b>We are awaiting final permissions from the landowner. In the unlikely event that this is not secured, no money will be taken from backers.</b> Iranian artist and refugee, Majid Adin, will paint a giant, colourful Choose Love mural on Hanbury street to create a powerful, unifying message for Refugee Week in the heart of Tower Hamlets. Help Refugees is a grassroots humanitarian movement. We fund over 80 projects across Europe and the Middle East. Our message to the world is Choose Love. This will be the central theme of the piece. Majid is one of Help Refugees' ambassadors. An incredibly talented artist, he won a competition to create the official music video for Elton John's Rocketman. We believe in celebrating our shared humanity in creative, positive ways to foster acceptance, integration and community. With this project we will do just this, working with children from local schools as well as local refugees and asylum seekers.

Miss Valentina's Tower Hamlets Art Tour started fundraising!1 month ago
Inside Out:Aldgate Womens Oral Histories started fundraising!1 month ago
Inside Out:Aldgate Womens Oral Histories
Inside Out:Aldgate Womens Oral Histories joined Our Tower Hamlets1 month ago

<b>Off The Wall Players, the organisation behind this project, is currently registering as a Community Interest Company (CIC). No money will be taken from any of the pledges until the CIC is in place.</b> Inside Out, is an Oral History project in which Off The Wall Players will work with women from Aldgate, to share their narratives of the rich history of Aldgate from within. Through a series of community workshops invite women with a connection to Aldgate to present and examine the idea of community and what it means to be a woman in Aldgate. The workshops will use art and drama to create a fun and relaxed space in which women feel free to share exactly what stories they feel are most relevant and reflect the real Aldgate. These stories will be recorded, collated and archived. Off The Wall Players will use the artwork produced in workshops and the recordings of the stories to create an interactive performance at Aldgate Square festival in June which will be open to the public.


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