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Boxing for the Community in London
Boxing for the Community in London joined Our Tower Hamlets2 days ago

We have been in existence for eight years now – three years as a registered charity and five years as a voluntary organisation – and during this time many people have benefited from our projects and interventions. In 2016 we worked with over 2’000 people of all ages, races, religions, backgrounds and disabilities from five years old through to 60 years old helping them to better their life and make a positive change for their future. We are here to offer the chance of change. Factory East is a support network and a base for training and selfgrowth. We are community people working together with professional experts to assist people to lead a better life. Factory East has seen many Governments change hands and many Mayors change hands and we are still here and still going strong, we have survived these changes and we plan to survive many more. We want to carry on saving, helping, and changing so many people’s lives which we believe we can carry on doing.

Recycle, Repair and Renew
Recycle, Repair and Renew joined Our Tower Hamlets3 days ago

The project has two components, we teach and discuss the importance of recycling, the financial benefits as well as the environmental advantages and the social ethics related to food waste. Participants get involved in group discussions, presentations and general tips on how to store and shop for food more wisely. We have also taken the local residents to visit the recycling centre to give them further insight into what happens to waste that is collected and to give them encouragement to recycle more household items and to dispose of them in a safe manner. The second component of our project is the repair and renew aspect which concentrates on items of clothing that people can no longer use due to damage or need of improving. Our sewing tutor helps them to make further use of these by mentoring them whilst they learn new skills on the electronic sewing machines.

Linking older people to animals & nature
Linking older people to animals & nature joined Our Tower Hamlets3 days ago

We take small, furry and feathery animals (guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens & ferrets) to meet isolated older adults facing disadvantage. These creatures offer comfort physically and emotionally, and bring about much conversation, reminiscence and above all, laughter. Furry Tales offers a unique kind of support to hundreds of people living with dementia, varying mental and physical health conditions, hospital in-patients and those living in residential and nursing homes in East London. Our grant funding runs out at the end of August 2017. We really need YOUR help to continue to deliver our project. We run the only animal-assisted-activities social club for those over 65 in the borough at the Farm, which has cultivated many important new connections and friendships. Animals from Stepney City Farm have also been out visiting older people in need in our community, creating a connection with those who can no longer make it to the Farm. Without much needed funds we can’t continue to

Wapping Mini Marathon
Wapping Mini Marathon joined Our Tower Hamlets1 week ago

This 'Mini' Marathon with distances of 1.6km, 3km and 5km is an event accessible for all. Whether you are less physically able or at your peak in fitness terms, the distances a manageable and appropriately targeted for all abilities. The course is suitable for wheelchair access using ramps at only one point on the course and accordingly is suitable for families with pushchairs. The key ambition is to welcome newcomers as well as the experienced runner to enjoy a sense of achievement together. This grass roots event supports one of our charity's main aims which is to promote Health & Wellbeing.

Thames Foreshore Access
Thames Foreshore Access joined Our Tower Hamlets1 week ago

The foreshores of the tidal Thames are among London’s most precious and unique spaces. As ancient access points fall into disrepair or ‘disappear’ through neglect and abandonment, access to the foreshore is becoming increasingly challenging. Wayfinding to the functioning steps is generally poor or non-existent which further inhibits opportunities to enjoy this remarkable space. There is a history of recreational use of the foreshore. The Tower of London’s ‘Children’s Beach’ was, for decades, a hugely popular space for Londoners. Opened in 1934 by King George V, the beach closed in 1971 due to fears of water contamination. Although the river is cleaner now, the beach has never reopened and foreshore access has generally become more restricted. Securing access through the restoration of the historic stairs, will create a truly democratic shared space, to be enjoyed by the local community, and will enable all Londoners to access their river and explore its foreshore.

Meadows + clean ups on The Regents Canal started fundraising!1 week ago
floatski joined Our Tower Hamlets1 week ago

I will use the money to make approx 20 pairs of the device Floatski will be offered for hire , eg. 8£ for 1h The device is safe to use, fast and stable. Geat outdoor exercise , also tourist attraction more info on my page www.floatski.com Please note - my device is first, worldwide There is a lot of canals / marinas / docks in London, and most of them are not used. Floatski is made entirely in UK The main part is made in Cornwall, by Tris Cokes, ex British surfing champion. The final assembly takes place in my workshop, East London

AY Group
AY Group joined Our Tower Hamlets1 week ago

We are looking to obtain a purpose built building (outlet) located directly within Tower Hamlets. The shop is to be used as a commercial retail outlet for the sale of high-quality locally-made products, discontinued stock, second-hand goods and other products. We propose to extend the shop into a social enterprise which will be managed by the community for the community. This project will improve the aspiration and employability skills of young people to get valuable work experience and accredited training; we will also have a computer access Centre for the community. The shop itself will also serve as a sector-based academy, providing education and training for local young people as well as offering a welcoming space where visitors can interact and learn with others. Within the shop AY will incorporate social responsibility values and objectives. This can be utilised by providing a recycling initiative through the second hand shopping facility. This is a direct community enhance


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