More About Driving in Tower Hamlets

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More About Driving in Tower Hamlets

More About Driving in Tower Hamlets

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M.A.D is a project to raise awareness on dangerous driving in the community by running a series of workshops and bring young people to a local garage to teach them, basic mechanics.

Tower Hamlets Idea stage

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M.A.D is a project to raise awareness on dangerous driving in tower hamlets, by running a series of workshops starting in October 2019. Our aim is to raise awareness about safe driving and road regulations. Our workshops are very inclusive for young people from the age of 17 to 25 over 25s are always welcome. We will regularly bike with a group of young people to a local garage so they can learn basic mechanics skills based in Bow E3. We have contacted local universities, colleges, community centers, etc in Tower Hamlets to partner up with us to have a bigger impact. We'll focus on subjects such as drinking, texting while driving including the damage it can cost. We will invite volunteers to tell us their story and what they have experienced either they been victims or guilty of reckless driving. Driving isn't just about changing gears or steering a wheel, supporting this journey with workshops that address key issues that learner drivers experience is very essential.

What we'll deliver:

  • Run workshops about dangerous driving
  • bring group of people to a local garage to teach them basic mechanics
  • Invite volunteers to speak about their past experience either they been victims or accused of reckless driving.

Why it's a great idea:

There's no support from independent instructors or driving school when it comes to teaching basic mechanics, informing new drivers about laws & legislations or running workshops where they can engage in topics about road safety, road regulations or having victims speaking to them about their past experiences and have it affected them mentally, physically, emotionally, etc... Driving schools main focus are making money, the majority don't focus on peoples safety after they passed their driving test and that's what we want to change starting in our borough tower hamlets. We have already run a few workshops feedback was great hence why we want to run more and more in Tower Hamlets.

Steps to get it done:

  • Launch website to notify our audience.
  • Pay for our workshop area.


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How will the money be spent?Total £14,995

Hire venue space - £8,000 (53%)
Expenses for 4 staff members - £2,000 (13%)
Speaking volunteers - £850 (6%)
2 Laptops for staff - £700 (5%)
2 Cameras - £500 (3%)
Advertisement - £500 (3%)
Refreshment - £500 (3%)
website - £350 (2%)
stationary - £150 (1%)
Other - £1,445 (10%)

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Hire venue space
Expenses for 4 staff members
Speaking volunteers
2 Laptops for staff
2 Cameras
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  • VAT


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  • Advertisement
  • Refreshments
  • Volunteers expenses

Total £14,995

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