:: Tower Hamlets Rainbow Square ::

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:: Tower Hamlets Rainbow Square ::

Verry Kerry By Verry Kerry

Transform the uninspiring globe town market, into a colourful, greener space to inspire the school kids and community to take pride in their area, improve behaviour, and celebrate cultural diversity.

Tower Hamlets Idea stage

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UMBRELLA ROOF - I want to create/install a canopy of fixed colourful umbrellas between the existing lamp posts that frame the the square. I would like the kids from surrounding schools to get involved and write messages/words of things they love about Bethnal Green and hang them from the umbrellas. I would like the artificial grass to be placed directly underneath. This will inject much need colour & inspiration into the dull square, as well as being practical, acting as some shelter from the sun and rain. Solar powered fairy lights throughout will provide extra lighting at night and improve safety as well as being stunning to look at. ROOF/WALL GARDENS/MORE PLANTS/TREES - I would like to create climbing walled gardens of sturdy durable plants to cascade along all faces of the onlooking buildings of the square, to improve air quality, insect & bird life, as well as creating a stunning visual effect.As well as more planters and trees around the square looked after by the community.

What we'll deliver:

  • Campaign to get all local business to remove plastic bags, replace them with biodegradable ones in wider 'GREEN' effort
  • Free Yoga for mums & bubs, exercise classes, welbeing and mini festivals
  • Local business support in an open, easily accessible way
  • Umbrella Roof Structure
  • Upcycled benches & seats for the square made by local school kids
  • Climbing Plants for surrounding walls/Plants/Trees to surround the square
  • Community Projects /gatherings celebrating culture, heritage, cultural diversity, arts
  • Implement 'Keep Britain Clean' campaigns in our communal areas, streets, parks and canals.
  • Offer free workshops in networking, social media & business tools & skills
  • Provide educational talks and implement campaigns on saying no to plastic

Why it's a great idea:

The globe Town Market Square is a central hub for school children, families & business owners, and it feels like the end of world when you pass through it. The children all gather there after school, buy their snacks and throw their rubbish on the floor despite the bins provided. I believe that if this area was improved, while involving these kids, they would take more pride in their area, improving social behaviour. Once made more beautiful, it would increase the current 2 market traders, be the hub for many street picnics/parties/project/arts/events/celebrating local talent, getting people to reach out, & support each other, creating a platform to bring this amazingly diverse community together, especially in a time of unsettling unrest from Brexit. The added plants would improve air quality, insect and bird life & understanding & importance of urban gardens. It would inspire children and adults, create wonder and happiness, improve attitudes & behaviour, and community spirit.

Steps to get it done:

  • Art & dance projects and comminuty gatherings
  • Buy plants for walls & ground level
  • Buy umbrellas, artificial grass & solar powerd fairy lights
  • Free festivals, free yoga, wellbeing sessions
  • Install umbrellas with wire tension system & lights throughout
  • Community picnics celebrating cultural diversity & different cuisine of the locals
  • Create and hold environmental talks like no to plastc and clean up campaigns
  • Create local community projects like upcyling benches & recylcing art and planters
  • Install & plant plants using recycled plastic bottles, contractor & voluteers
  • Workshops for small business owners

The kids from the area that gather here after school need more to be inspired by. I want to see ongoing upcycling and recycling projects for after school, using old crate pallets from the shops/old tyres from the taxi repair shop, to create benches and chairs for everyone to use around the square. Learning practical skills via various workshops, understanding the environment and the need to take action. Increase awareness of the damaging effects of plastic and rubbish and create mini upcylcling and clean up projects, including the surrounding canals. Inspiring locals to say no to plastic & Inspire everyone to take pride in their area and ignite a desire to want to keep it clean and beautiful.

Location Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets has 124 other projects and £965,000 in potential grant funding

About the space

Globe Town Market Square. It is an extremely uninspring, unattracive, unused space, with currently 2 market traders. It has so much potential to be something truly amazing & inspiring.


London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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How will the money be spent?Total £49,715

Plants - £15,000 (30%)
Install walled plants - £10,000 (20%)
Artificial Grass & installation - £7,285 (15%)
Umbrella Installation - £3,508 (7%)
Plant the plants on ground - £3,000 (6%)
Plant boxes & wall structures - £3,000 (6%)
Air Cleaning Planters/Plants - £2,400 (5%)
Umbrellas 250 - £810 (2%)
Other - £4,712 (9%)

Costs Breakdown

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Install walled plants
Artificial Grass & installation
Umbrella Installation
Plant the plants on ground
Plant boxes & wall structures
Air Cleaning Planters/Plants
Umbrellas 250
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £49,715

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