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Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was a garden in the middle of the City where one could forget all stress and worries? Imagine ...

Tower Hamlets Idea stage

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Imagine... is a concept for a public garden based on the fringe of the City of London. Created by the people who live and work locally, it would be as a space for contemplation, reflection and relaxation, in the midst of an increasingly busy urban area.

We wish to create a peaceful setting, providing as much green, color and movement as possible in a dense, urban, predominantly grey environment. The garden would become a source of learning, practical and playful opportunities for local residents.

Imagine will endeavor to be exemplary, inclusive and ambitious - open to all those who want to contribute love, care and time - to create a public space that will become joy for those who experience it and pride for those who made it.

The project would have exhibitions, a growing lab, a vertical garden, talks/seminars/workshops and a beautiful garden to rest and relax in, a place to meet & greet.

What we'll deliver:

  • Create a bio-diversity focal point in an otherwise grey and ultra urban environment
  • Invite craft men and women to create the design and components
  • Invite landscape architects and garden designers to inform and train the community in garden design / maintenance
  • Create a quadripartite garden design with central water fountain
  • Develop learning programme with neighbouring schools
  • Develop the garden with the local community with the help of field experts
  • Grow plants and flowers in an urban setting which reflect the diversity of the community
  • Provide gardening activities for the community

Why it's a great idea:

- The area of Bethnal Green, Bishopsgate Goodsyard, is on the verge of being redeveloped and the community is keen to see a green space, which will be accessible to them within the coming developments.

- LB Tower Hamlets have highlighted the need for a green space at the proposed location within the next few years. From their recent consultation on open and green spaces, the local council found that the majority of those consulted highlighted a space for relaxation as their n.1 choice for using an open and green space. The priority for the Borough is also to create space promoting bio-diversity.

- The area has a strong mixed community, with Brick Lane earning an international reputation. A garden inspired from the great tradition of garden design would be a great way to join up the various communities co-existing in the area, promote integration and sharing of skills and resources.


Steps to get it done:

  • Gather a team of enthusiastic experts
  • Gathering financial support from a mix of private and public funds
  • Involving the community, sourcing skills and resources locally and ethically

Help us by showing your support. Tell us what you think of this project.
If you are a gardener / garden designer, your advice is welcome.
If you re-developed a green space within your community, we want to hear from you.
If you are a philanthropist with a keen interest in gardens and flowers, your assistance will go a long way.

Location Tower Hamlets

About the space

Shoreditch High Street Station


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