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Future Ealing is Ealing Council’s transformation programme. Its goal is to make the borough better and we want people who live and work in Ealing to get involved. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the very best in our local community, but it has also had a big impact on people’s health, finances and wellbeing. The Future Ealing crowdfunding programme is about supporting local people with big ideas to improve the local area and to do something good in the community. It will provide match-funded, financial support to community-led ideas that help the recovery of local business, neighbourhoods and groups, and build more prosperous and vibrant local areas. Be part of the transformation to make our borough better for everyone to enjoy. There’s £100,000 on offer, with a maximum of £10,000 (up to 50% of campaign target) for crowdfunding projects. This fund can be used for capital items of the project with the pledges from the public covering the non-capital elements.

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Lime Tree Community Garden
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The Children's Centre host activities for families in Northolt and surrounding areas, with keep fit, baby and toddler play groups, after schools clubs and variety of activities for families. It is a very busy centre with a good team of play service and early years staff from Ealing Council. The centre is in Lime Tress Park but they have their own space for play, this is currently a grey area and an old sandpit that has been covered up. We have been working with the centre delivering workshops to families around the growing and cooking workshops. Teaching families how to live a greener and healthier lifestyle. Our aim is to create a community garden with seating and planters for families to be able to learn more about growing, be able to grow veg/fruit and be able to facilitate in outdoor workshops, around the environment, wildlife and habitats. The space can also be used for reading time and other learning activities. Our aim is to support the centre with growing workshops.

Academy Fields Nature Reserve
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Academy Fields Nature Reserve is a large field that the school and wider community can benefit from. We want to work with the school to tidy the field and pond to be used for outdoor learning, food growing and horticultural and community events. The project will include beds for planting, a pond for learning, an outdoor classroom for science, DT, and horticultural education. The school pupils will be able to be hands on with nature, learn about the environment, and ways to impact the world to be cleaner, greener and more sustainable. This will also provide a great opportunity for volunteering and the school to engage with local gardeners, horticulturist, builders and host community events. The field can also be used for field trips by other schools, team building events and school camping. We hope to restore this space for pupils to reap a hugh benefit from learning outdoors about the environment, global warming, climate change, habitats and ways to live a greener and healthier life

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Ealing Writing Trail
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The May 2022 writing trail provides an exciting opportunity for individuals whatever age, whatever the weather, to participate in an enjoyable and enriching learning experience! QR codes containing simple and fun ‘writing prompts’ will be placed at strategic sites in and around Ealing Broadway. The objective of this writing trail is for individuals to find all the QR codes and respond to the clues provided. Participants who complete the trail will be automatically entered into a prize draw. Throughout the trail, you will also find key quotes by British creatives, both past and present, who have not only encouraged creativity to thrive but also place importance on our wellbeing. Quotes which would not otherwise be present in locations are a great way of helping us to see a location from a new perspective as well as boosting our wellbeing and mood. A diverse range of writing workshops for all ages will also be held in the month of May to further promote creativity and wellbeing.

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Saving Ealing Swifts
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The Swift is a remarkable summer visitor to the UK, arriving in April from Africa & leaving in September. They nest in colonies, under eaves of buildings & homes. They feed on flying insects high in our summer skies. Amazingly they only land to nest, spending the rest of their lives in the air, even sleeping & mating on the wing. They're increasingly threatened by loss of nesting sites to loft & roof renovations. The good news is that we can reverse these declines by providing them with specifically designed artificial nest boxes, especially where they have lost traditional eaves to nest in. We would especially like to focus on erecting nest boxes on schools and public buildings to educate children and local communities about our impact on biodiversity and how nature conservation can help our threatened wildlife. These astonishing birds travel the globe facing many dangers en route, returning to Ealing each summer where they were born. This project will ensure they can remain here.

Borehole for Brentham Allotments
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<b>We are currently awaiting renewal of the required licenses from the Environment Agency for this project to be delivered. We are in dialogue with The EA Water Resources team and foresee no problems with renewal, but no funds will be transferred to the project until all required licenses have been officially confirmed.</b> We want to sink a borehole to supply ground water to the system of stand pipes and dip tanks which we currently use to water the plots. Thames Water introduced a ban on the use of hosepipes approx. eight years ago. Since then, plot holders have had to use watering cans to water their plots. During hot weather plants need lots of water and carrying heavy watering cans any distance can be very difficult, particularly for older and more infirm plot holders. The new borehole will mean that all plot holders can use a hosepipe for watering, instead of having to carry heavy watering cans around the site.

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