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Ealing Connects is the exciting way for you to shape Acton, Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, Northolt, Perivale and Southall. Do you have a great idea for bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together? Or what about that unused or neglected space that you would like to see being enjoyed by the community? The Council has two funds to support crowdfunding campaigns in Ealing. The deadline to pitch to both funds is 27 Jan 2020. Transform Your Space Crowdfunding campaigns which aim to transform or using a space in a different way can get a pledge of up to 50% of their target. The pledge is capped at £5,000 (or £10,000 for projects in high priority areas). See below for more information. Transform Your Space: The Young People’s Fund Young people 16-24 yr old who are transforming or using a space in a different way can run a campaign and get a Council pledge of up to 80% of target, up to £1,000 (this is capped at £500 if project is run by an individual). See below for more information.

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#OurSouthall Canal Mural
#OurSouthall Canal Mural joined Ealing Connects2 weeks ago

The aim of #OurSouthall is to begin to change the face of Southall thus making it safe, attractive, inspiring and uplifting for all and encouraging greater awareness, usage and benefits of the Canal network. We want to unify the approach to Southall, providing infrastructure, (clean streets) and spaces that reflect the underlying beauty and diversity of Southall. Before our work, this site was overgrown, inaccessible, unsafe, filled with rubbish, drug needles, human excrement, makeshift beds etc. This is phase three of a community-led project to transform a derelict entrance to the Grand Union Canal, Southall. It is the intention to make the pathway usable again for all residents and visitors to the area; to promote the Canal's use for pleasure, exercise, environmental education and recreation. We will commission a work of art selected through a competition. whilst creating volunteering opportunities for residents to help maintain with local stakeholders the project area.

MindFood Makeover - facilities upgrade
MindFood Makeover - facilities upgrade joined Ealing Connects2 weeks ago

MindFood help people tackle stress, depression and anxiety naturally, by teaching food-growing and tips and techniques to improve wellbeing. It is often a huge step for people to come to us for help and support, and we would like to weather-proof our offer to make that first visit (and successive ones) a little easier to contemplate. We built our own geodesic dome about 5 years ago and it’s edging towards the end of its natural life, letting in the rain in places and the wood is starting to rot. We would love to replace it so that we can provide a comfortable leak-proof space for seed-sowing and as a mini nursery for all our young plants. Also we would like to upgrade the pergola for the grape vines we grow, for more shade on sunny days. We looking to build a frame that’s strong enough to support a sail shade or awning over our seating area. And finally, we would like to buy reclaimed wooden planks to replace rotten raised beds, then woodchip all the areas around them.

PiCTURE PERiVALE joined Ealing Connects3 weeks ago

PiCTURE PERiVALE hopes to achieve three key goals: - Bring people together to celebrate everything great Perivale has to offer. In doing so we will create 3 community murals, the first of which will be situated in a shared public space near to the industrial estate. The following two will be created on the school grounds of our partner schools creating a vibrant space for the children to enjoy daily. - Facilitate a youth-led art program by running workshops and activities with local school children. The stories and ideas that are shared will form the basis of the mural designs and our partner schools will be invited to assist with the painting of the murals. - We hope that our PiCTURE PERiVALE project will encourage local residents to take a walk around different parts of the local area. In turn, strengthening community pride in Perivale's outdoor spaces.

MASTER dome 3
MASTER dome 3 joined Ealing Connects3 weeks ago

Our main aim is to support and promote well being by providing creativity & art as a way forward. You can be that person who learns how to explain what they want to say or what they wish to express by using Art. Equal Opportunities and Teamwork allows beneficiaries to communicate freely and build their confidence levels. Create that feeling of being accepted by working with drive and motivation. This can also be seen as a passion, a want or a love for something. So by building on what we have, together we can create and from here, from these foundations, we then start to achieve from the therapeutic activities we provide. Art and self expression is a very powerful tool in all of our projects,

Western Road Urban Garden project
Western Road Urban Garden project joined Ealing Connects3 weeks ago

We will work with socially isolated Black Minority Ethnic residents, young people and vulnerable older adults to create an accessible community green space in an area that most local people are completely unaware of. The Western Road Allotments are connected with nearby World War 2 bunkers but have fallen into neglect in the past few decades. The site is currently overgrown with weeds and bushes and has become a hotspot for drug users and antisocial behaviour. The site covers 2600 sq metres and we will work with Ealing Council and Southall Transition to clean up the site and create a multipurpose community garden that will provide food, horticulture, leisure and community interaction. As well as creating a future community orchard we hope that the site will have storage facilities, an eco-toilet, poly tunnels and act as a volunteering hub for this most deprived area.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

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