About Ealing Connects

About Ealing Connects

Ealing Connects is the exciting way to help people shape Acton, Ealing, Greenford, Hanwell, Northolt, Perivale & Southall through crowdfunded projects. We are running a Spring Funding Round with a deadline of the 1st May 2019. See the tab below for more information. The programme is designed to fund projects that bring open and urbanised spaces (back) into use for the general public. We will be looking to support as many schemes as possible by encouraging you to match fund at least 50% of your project's costs. There are pledges of up for £5,000 available and £10,000 for exceptional projects. See the information on the Process below for a full breakdown. Whatever you have in mind, this is the time to start to talk to your friends, your neighbours and your local community and get them on board to support you. Have a great idea? Add a project to Ealing Connects and help make it a reality!

Our Journey

Urban Edible Healthy Lifestyle Project started fundraising!4 days ago
Western Road Urban Garden started fundraising!4 days ago
Awaken Heathfield Nature Gardens ponds
Awaken Heathfield Nature Gardens ponds joined Ealing Connects4 days ago

The fenced off area in Heathfield Gardens contains three ponds. The area is currently dishevelled, dirty and unattractive, currently an eyesore attracting vermin, litter and antisocial behaviour. But imagine this as a beautiful, tranquil spot - a haven for local residents and wildlife, a learning spot for local nurseries and young school children to explore and learn, a respite for the care homes in the area and a place where beautiful wildlife could flourish and provide trees and bushes to absorb some of the traffic pollution on Gunnersbury Lane. The benefits would be as follows: - A sanctuary for local residents, to enjoy a beautiful water & naturegarden - A haven for wildlife to flourish - Reduce (absorb) some of the pollution from Gunnersbury Lane - A sensory garden for local elder persons and children alike to enjoy - A resource for local nurseries and schoolchildren to visit, explore & learn - Contribute to building the local community

Gurnell Grove Park transformation started fundraising!1 week ago
Gurnell Grove Park transformation started fundraising!1 week ago
Restoring Ravenor Primary School Garden started fundraising!2 weeks ago
London Spring Counselling Service launch
London Spring Counselling Service launch joined Ealing Connects3 weeks ago

London Spring project (londonspring.org) was initiated by Fr. James Leachman O.S.B. as part of a restorative initiative to restore and heal the community after children sexual abuse that has taken place in the Ealing Abbey. Counselling service is a new addition to regular public facilitated discussions (Virtus Conversations) and the annual conference on children sexual abuse. Raised funds will be used to offer pro bono (free) individual sessions. People who participated in London Spring events so far experienced deep and meaningful healing conversations and sharing of experiences. Individual sessions will deepen the healing process and personal growth and offer safe space for self-exploration with a trained professional. Our service will also alleviate increased pressures on the mental health system (waiting can currently be up to several months at IAPT services). Counsellors are diplomates and advanced students of Processwork UK (processworkuk.org), which is registered with the UKCP.

Breakfast club
Breakfast club joined Ealing Connects3 weeks ago

I want to do a breakfast club for a primary school for the year,to see if it helps the pupils learn better,the breakfast will consist of fruit and a healthy cereal everyday in the morning, I have found the ten worst primary schools in west London, I think this will help a lot, as a young child growing up in west London single parent I understand what will help the children of today, and I believe that everyone deserves a good start in life, and people would be amazed what a healthy breakfast could do for the children of today, and the good thing is I have volunteers to help with this breakfast club,plus one pound of every drink sold from my company will be donated to the breakfast club, and if it works for the year,we would like to try it out with other primary schools with in London, and at the sometime we want to promote a healthy lifestyle to the children of today, they are the future.

Restoring Ravenor Primary School Garden
Restoring Ravenor Primary School Garden joined Ealing Connects3 weeks ago

At Ravenor Primary School, we believe it is essential to have a shared garden space for our pupils. We know that many students will not have access to a green space within their own home and we see our garden as an opportunity for them to not only have time outside, but the space also enables us to teach practically, rather than confining them to the classroom. The current garden space has been run into a state of disrepair. Without the garden, we are lacking the ability to teach the practical side of the National Curriculum and we believe this practical element to be a vital part of a child's education.

Urban Edible Healthy Lifestyle Project
Urban Edible Healthy Lifestyle Project joined Ealing Connects3 weeks ago

Deliver mobile raw eating sessions at local parks in Ealing (Islip Manor / Rayvnor Park and Southall Park) teaching people benefits of juicing and raw eating and how to make quick tasty juices. Educating people around alternatives to dairy and animal products and how to eat a more vegan diet. While teaching healthy eating habits we will also have a personal trainer onsite doing work out sessions outdoors teaching people how to use their local park and equipment in the park to workout more regularly and with no cost. Alongside the healthy eating we will also be giving people information on Urban Gardening and access to local allotments and growing spaces. This is a whole healthy lifestyle project giving the community full round support with professionals on hand to support people with healthy eating, Urban Gardening and exercise. Educating people around food, diet and how to live a healthier lifestyle without spending too much.