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Ladies Giddha in Jubilee Park, Southall

Funded on Spacehive 17 May 2022 Delivered 9 September 2022

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Ladies Giddha in Jubilee Park, Southall

Voice of Women By Voice of Women

Ladies of all heritages in Southall want to improve their health with daily Giddha dancing and other physical activities in Jubilee Park. Phase 1is to secure costumes. dancing and other equipment.

Southall Delivery stage

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This project was funded on 17 May 2022!

Happy and active ladies make the world go round. Our weekly Teeyan meetings during August were inspiring. Let’s not wait another year to dance together. Let’s do it all the time. Bring an end to sitting at home alone, frightened of getting Covid 19. Many of us older ladies have heart problems and diabetes and worry our daughters will get the same – dancing will really help us be healthier get rid of these diseases. Jubilee Park can be the place we mix across our different heritages. Why stop with Giddha? If we learn each other’s dances and songs, we keep our traditions alive for our grandchildren. Why stop with dancing? We have long term plans to construct an amazing covered area where we can both dance and learn new skills – an outdoor classroom for grown-ups. Fathers, husbands, bothers, sons – the ladies in your family want to get this idea off the ground by buying starter equipment – dresses, music systems, a gazebo and more - help us by pledging to phase 1 of the campaign.

What we'll deliver:

  • 1. Pioneer weekly Giddha and other ladies cultural dance
  • 2. Invite ladies groups from different heritages to share their cultural dance
  • 3. Demonstrate that dancing reduces diabetes levels and heart problems
  • 4. Improve mental health through ladies talking and connecting as friends
  • 5. Develop the fund raising confidence to apply for grants for the covered area

Why it's a great idea:

The covered bandstand area in Jubilee Gardens is mostly occupied by men. If a lady is sitting there and a man arrives she will leave - it is not culturally acceptable to be together. Our dream is a second covered area for ladies only which will benefit our mothers, daughters, sisters and grandmothers This first campaign will start small with a portable gazebo, costumes and music Covid 19 means many ladies have stopped meeting in each other’s houses. Husband will be happy their wives can meet alone so we hope our men will commit with pledges from their business connections Dancing helps with mental and spiritual health as well as physical By being part of the early planning for the covered area, many Southall ladies will be empowered and contribute their own ideas about ways we can use the space Southall is a multicultural society – ladies of all heritages will become friends Let’s Go Southall team and local councillors are already in support

Steps to get it done:

  • Talk to Ealing Council Parks about using the park for Giddha dancing
  • Identify and talk to the ladies groups in Southall and ask them to get involved
  • Establish a small steering group with ladies from Voice of Women and other Southall ladies groups
  • Start Giddha dancing in Jubilee Gardens to attract women and start further conversations

We see this application to the FEF as our 1st in a series of campaigns as we go through the stages to get the permissions needed to construct a covered area for ladies in Jubilee Park. Once permissions are in place, we will apply for other grants and have local fund raising events. We have a number of grants in mind through the Arts Council, Mayor of London Fund London Plus Fund, Lottery funding, Sport England. We have identified the stages of the project and will form a steering group of ladies (and men) from different Southall community groups to work together for the duration of this project.

Location Southall

About the space

ubilee Park and Gardens is run by Ealing Council and has a lodge, trees, flower beds, playground, some gym equipment and a shelter. It has a small branch library and welfare centre at the entrance and an orchard. There is dense housing surrounding it and a single access road. It is ideal as an exercise space, tom Location


London Borough of Ealing

How will the money be spent?Total £3,945

Giddha costumes - £1,800 (46%)
Gazebo - £739 (19%)
Speakers and microphone - £719 (18%)
Water boilers - £408 (10%)
Other - £279 (7%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

Giddha costumes
Speakers and microphone
Water boilers
Other Read More
  • Spacehive fees
  • Transaction fees
  • VAT

Total £3,945

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