Honey & Crumb

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Honey  & Crumb

Honey & Crumb

H Alexander By H Alexander

The project is all about upcycling waste to create jobs. Jobs and a purpose for those with learning disabilities.

Ealing Idea stage

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The project would be geared towards individuals with learning disabilities. The project would educate and give them specialised skills to make sustainable products. Skills such as Art, Business and Carpentry for example.
We are all about using all that we have around us and making them into everyday useful modern products. We will be using anything we can get out hands on to upcycle into useful products such as making clothes,household products and other useful items.
We want to show and educate all to look at their waste or products in the home that they want to throw out in a different light. the items we will be making will be geared towards the medium and top end of the market. We aim to show our products at events to create more buyers, events such as Top Drawer in London.
we want the students to do outreach and present out work and educate others on upcycling various goods.

What we'll deliver:

  • secure all tools, scan council recycling centres, charities and leafleting homes for products to recycle.

Why it's a great idea:

It is a good idea as it gives those with learning disabilities a commercial purpose, It also gives this group who are are marginalised hope, confidence, skills, experience and an opportunity to meet others to socialize. The project will also be a hub where they will be able to have a chance to have an area to socialise with others with entertainment.
All in all they will also gain experience in Business, Art and other craft skills, also awareness of recycling.

Steps to get it done:

  • Horticultural trainers will be used to facilitate Horticultural Studies for the parents.
  • The students will be involved in all matters that concerns the business of the project. Eg: advertising, designing
  • The students will be taught graphic and Artistic skills to produce business cards, leaflets etc for the project.
  • The use of volunteers, myself and paid staff .
  • To cut cost Interns and Art students to help with designing & creation of products.


Location Ealing

About the space

Community Centre.


Ealing Council

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How will the money be spent?Total £4,866

Carpentry Tools - £2,500 (51%)
computer - £1,000 (21%)
copier - £400 (8%)
Printer - £250 (5%)
Chairs - £250 (5%)
Other - £466 (10%)

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Carpentry Tools
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  • VAT

Total £4,866

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