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Better place for homeless
Better place for homeless joined Ealing Hive1 hr ago

I have seen a lot of homeless people on London streets. I have decided to live as a homeless to experiance their life and I found no less then tough and lonely. I felt while being homeless you have no objectives, it was difficult to take shower and find job. That's how I came to know why homeless person can not come out of this situation. I truly believe if we try and help them out we can make difference to their lives.

Horsenden  Grape and Honey Farm
Horsenden Grape and Honey Farm joined Ealing Hive2 days ago

Horsenden Grape and Honey farm project will enlist the active HAAGA Community, Schools, Scouts, NCS and local Community to transform a derelict plot of land to produce in due course, organic Grape juice and Honey production. The growing and production process will be captured in an educational facility including a photo exhibition ' from seeds to bees to sale' building awareness in the local community at each stage of the process. Produce will, eventually, be marketed to local schools, hospitals at cost to replace 'fizzy drinks' which will include generating the educational value of Horsenden G & H Farm.Organic honey will be marketed to Hay fever sufferers and Health conscious parents/residents across the local area.

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Yoga on the Move
Yoga on the Move joined Ealing Hive1 week ago

My mother is yoga teacher and so I have learned yoga to help her in her yoga teaching classes. I moved to london for higher education, started working part time. I was leaving far from my part time work with london traffic would spend around 1 hour each way every time I go to work. I hardly could get any time to do yoga practice. Still I was trying to do breathing exercise on train but with crowd and noise it would fail. We londoners spend so much time on tube , on bus (Some do use that time for doing make up , reading books or even to have naps)My idea is create an Yoga section on train, we will design tube compartment the way we can will fit same number of people as normal train/tube compartment .Every train will have one compartment of yoga where people can do some basic yoga and meditation. This will give travelers healthy body and mind. People will feel fresh before starting any work they are going. Tiredness of long journeys will be replaced with feel fresh and healthy body mind

Free supplementary education to children
Free supplementary education to children joined Ealing Hive2 weeks ago

Summer holidays can be boring for many poorer children in our communities. Often parent cannot afford the luxury of going on a trip at home or abroad. The typical British summer weather also prevents children from playing outside their flats or in parks nearby. Children often do not study during summer as they would in term times, so vital learning memory is lost in core subjects. We want to make a change and provide free supplementary education in English and Maths to children and provide indoor activities at our nearest Everyone Active Sports and Leisure centre. With the funds, we will hire professional teachers and let them teach local children who participate children throughout August 2017. Buy swimming credits for children to partake swimming lessons and pay for other indoor sports activities, such as table tennis, bouncy castles. In addition to that, we want to hold a summer party event during the holidays and arrange various activities for children to do.

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AnyQ joined Ealing Hive1 month ago

Primarily focus on their difficult queries and finding a best solution in a unique way. It will work on 3 ways as below:- 1st way User can discuss his difficult situations in a group and raise/discuss any queries after simply installing the App. Second way User can access the stored documents & useful links from the database collected by the experts. Third way -Live chat with the experts on their field.

The Culture Awards Night.
The Culture Awards Night. joined Ealing Hive1 month ago

I aim to create an event directed towards young people , to reward them for there efforts and achievements. I Also aim to have a fashion show where diffrent fashion magizines will have the opportunity to scout models. Previously ive done events that have been entertainment based. This would be a night that everyone would love to be involved in.

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