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The Culture Awards Night.
The Culture Awards Night. joined Ealing Hive1 week ago

I aim to create an event directed towards young people , to reward them for there efforts and achievements. I Also aim to have a fashion show where diffrent fashion magizines will have the opportunity to scout models. Previously ive done events that have been entertainment based. This would be a night that everyone would love to be involved in.

Ealing Free Film Festival
Ealing Free Film Festival joined Ealing Hive1 month ago

A great 2-day Free Film Festival on Friday 31st June and Saturday 1st July 2017, taking place in an outdoor location in Ealing. We will be screening the classic Ealing comedy 'The Ladykillers' (1955) and the iconic musical 'Dreamgirls'. Celebrating our worldwide known heritage for film and performing arts. Let’s take the best of film projects from our local area, and make them happen here where we live! <b> We have applied for a license from London Borough of Ealing and are currently waiting for this to be granted. No money will be taken from backers in the unlikely event we are not granted the license. </b>

TYS2 - Southall Orchard Project
TYS2 - Southall Orchard Project joined Ealing Hive1 month ago

To coincide with 'National Tree Planting' week, Southall Transition will be launching The 'Southall Orchard Project' on 5th December 2015. We intend to create at least five new orchards in Southall by 2020: Southall Park - Dec 15 - Feb 16 Southall Recreation Ground - Dec 16 - Feb 17 Jubilee Park - Dec 17 - Feb 18 Spikes Bridge Park - Dec 18 - Feb 19 Golf Links Estate - Dec 19 - Feb 20 We envision our parks and public spaces filled with a variety of fruit & nut trees and fruiting hedges which will provide free food for local people to enjoy. Although we anticipate completing the project within 5 years, we hope to go on taking care of the trees as a community long beyond this period. In 2016 we also intend to restore 'the globe' artwork in Southall Park and dedicate this back to the people of Southall. If we are unable to do this, any funds raised for this purpose will be reinvested into the rest of the project i.e. to plant more trees and fruiting hedges.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

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