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Aleka House Refurbishment
Aleka House Refurbishment joined Ealing Hive2 weeks ago

Aleka House is adjacent to Havelock Primary School and Dairy Meadows Primary School and has been in a state of disrepair for many years. Sadly the site had become the focal point of anti-social behaviour, drug usage, fly tipping and has attracted street sex workers. The building is currently managed by the Havelock Family Centre and we have used our volunteer input to make the site safe and clear of waste and refuse. Our exciting community hub proposal will transform this underused land and building into a key community asset that can be used by residents of this very deprived area. The investment will refurbish Aleka House and improve the safety and security of the site for local users. The visual transformation of the site will create a safe and welcoming facility that can attract children and families and reduce the social problems faced by tenants of the estate.

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