TYS Oak Way Renovation

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TYS Oak Way Renovation

TYS Oak Way Renovation

Ninos Toma By Ninos Toma

Transforming a large dilapidated council owned area into a beautiful garden to bring together the local community.

Ealing Idea stage

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At the west end of Oak Way road in Acton Vale estate there are about 80 metres of unused road, which has been closed off from traffic at one end and, is for all intents and purposes, pedestrianised.

In addition about a decade ago, the council demolished some of the sheds and garages adjacent to this road but it had no follow-up plan. Since then this empty concrete area has begun to fill with weeds, and it has been left as a quiet eye-sore lacking vehicle and foot traffic.

In an highly sought-after area where land is worth on average £6,000 per sq m I believe this represents a severe waste. It is in a prime location between a busy residential area (Acton Vale estate), and just adjacent to a one of West London's biggest playgrounds (Acton Park).

I believe this area should be part of the regeneration of Acton.

What we'll deliver:

  • Contact TFL to organize London Bikes
  • Organize local artists to work on a murial for the area
  • Design the area.
  • Source tradesmen to help develop the new look

Why it's a great idea:

In improving it, not only will we be able to drastically improve the look & security of an important area of Acton, but we would also be able to improve community relations by giving them more to see and do.

But that is not all, by doing this we will improve the area value through amenities, as well as reducing the burden on public transport by installing Cycle for London bikes, while promoting environmentally-friendly, healthy ways of getting around.

Steps to get it done:

  • Aquire help from friends in the gardening industry to help with selection and purchasing of plants and compost.
  • Contact TFL to see if Cycle for London bikes are viable in that area.
  • Use my contacts in the building industry to renovate the floors using either concrete or decking, depending on cost.

In the area available, I would like to change the following

Definite improvements:

Repave the ground and make it level
Add Cycle for London bikes near the exit facing Acton Park
Add some seating areas
Add some plants, flower beds, and sapling trees.
Improve lighting down this road, dim lights which brighten up through PIR sensors

Possible improvements:

Wooden cabin with roof mezzanine
Performance stage
Tables for chess / dominos
Some of that fixed gym equipment you get outdoors
Skate ramps or a half pipe?
Cafe / Barbecue area


Location Ealing

About the space

Oak Way Road between E Acton LN & Larch Ave



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