Woodland oasis in the heart of industry

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Woodland oasis in the heart of industry

Woodland oasis in the heart of industry

The Island Triangle Residents' Association (TITRA) By The Island Triangle Residents' Association (TITRA)

We need TYS to help us create a woodland oasis that will provide the lungs for our forgotten community, isolated and squashed by industry on every side. It will help us breath again.

Ealing Delivery stage

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This project was funded on 02 Jul 2015!

We are The Island triangle Residents’ Association. We comprise 200 homes in the industrial corner of the borough & the centre of the proposed HS2 works. Park Royal is one of the biggest industrial parks in Europe and we are a small island of railway cottages squeezed in the middle of it!
We want to create a woodland oasis within the strip of un-used land between Stephenson St NW10 and the industrial yard beyond. The space cannot be used by the community in its present condition, with overgrown brambles and fly tipping. We have a vision for this space in which it is transformed into a simple wildlife woodland garden, with pathway, woodland plants, play area, living willow tunnel and community space. We desperately need a place to escape from the pollution we put up with on a daily basis.
The land belongs to a company called DB Shenker. We already rent some areas of their land for a peppercorn rent and we have permission from them to do the same for the intended woodland area.

What we'll deliver:

  • Create small hedges with ‘doors’ and ‘windows’ for little ones.
  • Install a small wooden play train and slide with numbered stepping stones and a rope spider web
  • Introduce seasonal interest by planting climbers, architectural plants, ground cover, shrubs and flowering plants
  • Take out the bramble, leylandii and rubbish and re-plant with beautiful shade loving plants.
  • Use the existing cherry and apple trees to create a habitat to encourage birds and wildlife
  • Children will make a living willow tunnel leading to a central willow grotto.
  • Children will make insect hotels from bamboo canes and bird and bat boxes.
  • Create a slate gravel path bordered by logs, which travels the length of the woodland for residents to walk
  • Create a space for the community to have gatherings and BBQ’s after our community improvement days
  • Plant native species to attract additional wildlife: red campion, wild bergamot, and black mulberry
  • Plant a native hedge along the back fence to shield us from the industry beyond
  • Plant spring bulbs: bluebells, daffodils snowdrops, native wood anemone and wood sorrel.
  • Put in community herb boxes for sunny areas

Why it's a great idea:

In the leafy borough of Ealing, we miss out on the greenery enjoyed by other residents. Instead, we are blighted by dust, odour and pollution on a daily basis. The woodland would create a vital green space amenity we simply don’t have. We also have the prospect of the noise, dirt and disruption from the proposed HS2 works in the future. Despite this, we are a strong and vibrant community and we work hard together to improve the little have. We have already successfully created six tiny allotment plots and planted five fruit trees. We are now desperate to improve more of our environment. We have regular community clear up days and get together after with food and drink. We have street parties with bands and bouncy castles and we fight off major developments that threaten our community. We know our neighbours, we look out for one another and we celebrate our successes. We are a ‘can do’ neighbourhood and with money from TYS we can make this happen.

Steps to get it done:

  • Set date for start of landscaping
  • Set dates for continued maintenance of woodland
  • Set dates in Spring for community planting (and food and drink after!)
  • We need TYS to fund basic landscaping,leylandii removal play equipment plants and materials
  • Children will build willow tunnel and grotto
  • Community to get together to plant up the woodland
  • Obtain basic landscaping and leylandii removal quotes
  • Re-budget/adapt ideas according to funding
  • Source materials (gravel, logs, rope, stepping stones, plants, compost) and cost
  • Source play equipment and cost

The community here comes from a long railway heritage and the cottages were originally built for railway workers serving Willesden Junction Station. If you're a train-spotter you will know that it was the single most important station in the whole country during the First World War. Everything went in and out of here from bandages, boots, weaponry and troops themselves. Some of us here have grandparents who worked at the station at that time and were part of those efforts. In the centenary year of the start of World War I, it would be a wonderful gesture if Ealing chose to support the non-leafy part of the borough, now mostly forgotten, but once so vital during those war efforts.

Location Ealing

About the space

A strip of un-used land


London Borough of Ealing

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How will the money be spent?Total £76,074

On going Maintenance contingency - £11,120 (15%)
Unilog herb boxes 3400x1500x500; lined with geotextile - £6,000 (8%)
Traveller ELE400030 play frame - £5,760 (8%)
Rustic fencing for front perimeter - £5,000 (7%)
Labour - £5,000 (7%)
Design - £5,000 (7%)
Playsmart reinforcement to play areas 200 m2 - £4,212 (6%)
Preliminaries - £3,750 (5%)
Slate chipping surfacing 50mm deep with 150mm sub-base and geotextile membrane - £3,695 (5%)
Vegetation clearance and disposal - £3,145 (4%)
Other - £23,392 (31%)

Costs Breakdown

This shows how money raised for the project will be spent. These costs have been confirmed by the project's Delivery Manager and verified.

On going Maintenance contingency
Unilog herb boxes 3400x1500x500; lined with geotextile
Traveller ELE400030 play frame
Rustic fencing for front perimeter
Playsmart reinforcement to play areas 200 m2
Slate chipping surfacing 50mm deep with 150mm sub-base and geotextile membrane
Vegetation clearance and disposal
Other Read More
  • 11 x 80 Shade-lovers/ground cover 2-3L
  • Kompan M525 play train
  • Kompan M526 railway carriage OPTION
  • Willow dome
  • Excavation and disposal of material to hard standing 40
  • Log edging to hard standing
  • Bark mulch 75mm to planting areas
  • Planting day for residents; attendance and safety
  • Topsoil fill to planters and to make up levels 15 m3
  • Willow tunnel
  • Amenity turf to play area
  • Compost 50mm thick to planting areas 275 m2
  • Basic tools for maintenance
  • Formative pruning and care to existing fruit trees
  • 10 Concrete stepping stones numbered
  • 6 x 100 Native Hedging 40-60cm high bare root
  • 6 x 25 Herbs to planters 3L
  • ROSPA Play area inspection training course for 2 residents
  • ROSPA play equipment installation inspection fee
  • Folding table & chairs for community space x 2 @£189.60
  • Cultivation to all areas 750 m2
  • 8 x 5 Architectural planting/flowering shrubs 10L
  • ROSPA First annual safety Inspection fee
  • Insurance
  • Wildflower seeding 275 m2
  • Small shed for storing tools, tables & chairs
  • 5 x 100 Spring bulbs
  • 3 x 5 Climbers to posts 5L
  • 2 Bat boxes Schwegler 2F
  • 2 Bird boxes Schwegler 2M 32mm
  • 2 Bird boxes Schwegler 2M 26mm
  • Shading/covered area
  • 2 Insect hotels RSPB bee and bug biome
  • Water butt & fixings for shed
  • Hose & Watering cans
  • Spacehive fees
  • Fertiliser to all areas 750 m2
  • Transaction Fees
  • VAT

Total £76,074

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