Pinkford roundabout

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Pinkford roundabout

Pinkford roundabout

Evelyn Gloyn By Evelyn Gloyn

Transform a rundown and forboding space inside a roundabout into a warm and welcoming crossing where people can stop, chat and exercise with a parcour park for teenagers and young people

Greenford Idea stage

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The area inside this roundabout is made up of footpaths and cycle subways and open space below a flyover but was blighted several years ago because someone was unlawfully killed and he dies in this roundabout subway. Since then local people are frightened to go there, and it has fallen into disrepair, yet the local teenagers have no particular place to go and this would make a great parcour paradise! If more people used the subways then maybe people would feel less fearful of it.

What we'll deliver:

  • Change the wall cladding of the subways so that they give a softer ambiance
  • check construction is able to cope with flood water issues
  • Look at the possiblity for suspended activity such as rope walls and platforms, or screen
  • Redesign the layout with the local community - children, teeagers and adults, wheelchair users and cyclists
  • redesign the terraces for people to be able to sit
  • Improve the lighting for the subway entrances
  • Put in adult exercise equipment and a parcour park

Why it's a great idea:

Currently people choose to cross the roads around this roundabout at surface level which is dangerous for them, and the space below is becoming more run down - many local people tell us its frightening so they don't use it as a pedestrian or cyclist - yet it will continue to cost public money to keep it clean, lit and maintained.

Working with the local residents and community groups on a design that creates something for all will mean that more people will feel they can use the underpasses without being frightened.

The idea of using it to create a parcour park is because the space is already urban in nature and local young people have asked for such a space but we are not aware of any outdoor parcour parks in London - the location is great as any noise generated by the users havinga good time will be drowned by the trafiic noise going over the A40!

The idea of having adult excercise equipment is to encoourage people passing through to do a little daily exercise

Steps to get it done:

  • emergency access (for ambulance) and alarm points - and signs to tell people what to do
  • organise events in the space for different groups - children and their parents, teenagers, etc to get ideas
  • get permission from TfL
  • get revelant permissions (planning), TfL for the works
  • sort out lighting and pwer designs and supplier
  • work with council officers to design something and cost it

Enjoy the fruits of our endeavour!

Location Greenford

About the space

subway beneath Greenford roundabout


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