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{{ 'About' | translate }} Cyllido Torfol Abertawe / Crowdfund Swansea

Mae Cyllido Torfol Abertawe’n dod â phobl, cymunedau a busnesau ynghyd i godi arian ar gyfer eich prosiectau lleol / Crowdfund Swansea brings people, communities and businesses together to raise funds for your local projects Er mwyn i’ch ymgyrch cyllido torfol fod yn gymwys ar gyfer ernes gan Gronfa Cyllido Torfol Abertawe, mae’n rhaid i chi greu eich prosiect ar Spacehive a’i gyflwyno i’r gronfa erbyn mis 17th Medi 2021. Gweler yr adrannau isod am ragor o wybodaeth. In order to be eligible for a pledge from the Crowdfund Swansea Fund towards your crowdfunding campaign you must create your project on Spacehive and pitch to the fund by 15th September 2021. See the sections below for more information.

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The Hygiene Bank Swansea
The Hygiene Bank Swansea joined Cyllido Torfol Abertawe / Crowdfund Swansea1 day ago

At The Hygiene Bank Swansea, essential hygiene products are donated, collected, sorted and distributed to a network of community partners - a mix of organisations, charities and schools - who support those of us pulled into poverty. Supporting The Hygiene Bank is a simple way to help not just one organisation, but multiple grassroots initiatives across the UK tackling a wide range of issues from poverty to domestic abuse and disability. As a new Hygiene Bank in Swansea, we are looking for funding to rent a larger storage unit, including facilities such as shelving and stacking boxes, in order to be able to receive larger donations from big brands such as Boots, Nivea and Unilever. Currently we are only able to accept small donations, so this limits the amount of people in the Swansea community that we can help out. If we were to have a large storage unit we could accept many more products, which could benefit many more people who have been swept into poverty in Swansea.

 Gorseionon RFC & Juniors storage
Gorseionon RFC & Juniors storage joined Cyllido Torfol Abertawe / Crowdfund Swansea2 weeks ago

Post COVID 19 pandemic and the removal of restrictions we would like to develop a stronger connection with the local community and have the capacity to support and promote wellbeing, physical activity and community participation.We at Gorseinon RFC want to engage with as many of the local community as possible and want to provide them with the all the training and playing equipment they need.To fulfill this ambition we need a secure storage unit to store the equipment.

4 months ago
17 June 2021
Swansea Council invests £18,000 to boost community crowdfunding efforts

A fund to improve wellbeing facilities and a project to harvest fresh fruit have attracted financial support from Swansea Council.

The schemes were selected for the cash boosts after they began raising funds through the council’s crowdfunding programme, Crowdfund Swansea.

They are being driven by – and for – their local communities as residents plan how to bounce back once the pandemic is behind us.

New community activity facilities are planned at Loughor RFC to repurpose some existing grounds and facilities. The aim is – working with local sports clubs and groups – to support community groups to be active, healthy and connected.

Across Swansea, the Sweet Pickings team are behind the plan to harvest unpicked fruit, mainly apples, that would otherwise go to waste. This will create a new, annual, low carbon, local food source that lines up with the goals of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act and the Environment Act.

For their £8,573 fundraising drive, they have partnered with the food charity Fare Share Cymru who will collect and distribute the fruit.

​​Andrew Stevens, the council’s cabinet member for business improvement and performance, said: “We’re pleased to support these schemes financially. I encourage anybody else with great ideas to boost their communities to consider using our Crowdfund Swansea initiative.”

The crowdfunding campaigns are part of a joint initiative between the council and Spacehive, the UK’s leading civic crowdfunding platform.

And it’s not just the council offering funding to local projects.

Gower Power Co-op CIC is a supporter of the programme. Gower Power uses funds from the sale of green energy to provide grants for projects that grow food, improve biodiversity or reduce health inequalities.

Swansea’s Coastal Housing is also supporting, creating a £10K fund available exclusively to projects fundraising through CrowdfundSwansea.

Coastal chief executive Debbie Green said: “Our Horizon fund offers pledges of up to £1,000 for projects that we think will particularly benefit areas where we work or that meet Coastal’s values and aims.”

If you are interested in taking part in the next funding round of Crowdfund Swansea (deadline 15th September 2021), as a funder or to fund your own project, please email info@spacehive.com.

New Community Activity Facilities @ LRFC hit its fundraising target!4 months ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Sweet Pickings Swansea hit its fundraising target!4 months ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Melyn Mynach Park: Bigger & Better hit its fundraising target!5 months ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Onwards & Uplands! hit its fundraising target!5 months ago

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