What a difference A WEEK makes! 🙏 Thanks to all of your contributions, and the generosity of our local councillors, we have now raised over £3,000 🎯 and we are well on our way! We are pretty confident that Swansea Council will *have* to support us too! ☀️ Please keep sharing and supporting the project, and if you would be kind enough to display a window poster please drop us a little message and we will get one to you! 🎉The other way you can help us is to drop a comment on our Facebook posts, eg this one, encouraging friends to support the project: https://www.facebook.com/groups/822248144546230/permalink/3562025520568465 We've got lots of plans for the next few weeks as the weather improves (🙏🤞) - including something to do with 🌻🌻SUNFLOWERS! 🌞 Watch this space! 🌳🌺 Thanks again, please share and encourage friends to contribute, we are looking forward to bringing 🍀 raised beds, benches, creativity and a 🌷🌸🌼 community nature trail 🍀 to the heart of Uplands - and with your support, YES WE CAN! 🙌💪 Onwards & Uplands! 🎉