Coastal Housing Group

Joined Spacehive on 15 March 2021

At Coastal we’re inspired whenever people come together to make the changes they want to see in their communities. We’ve supported grassroots initiatives like this informally over the years but we think that 2021 is a perfect time to evolve that into a more significant commitment; one that takes its lead from community activism and aims to be part of a collective action to deliver change for the better.

Coastal has joined the #CrowdfundSwansea movement as an official partner and created a £10,000 fund to support projects.

Our new Horizon Fund can offer funding of up to a maximum of £1000 (or 50% of target) per project and is exclusively available for projects crowdfunding as part of #CrowdfundSwansea.

We’ll review all #CrowdfundSwansea projects during their crowdfunding rounds and pledge support for those that we think offer most social value to communities we work in or reflect our own values and priorities as a company. It’s as simple as that!

Things we’re particularly interested in

  • Active travel
  • Arts and culture
  • City centre regeneration
  • Environmental/green initiatives
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Health and wellbeing including Covid responses
  • Tackling poverty

Support for projects:

Coastal is a housing association working in Swansea & south west Wales. We're passionate about people taking charge of the change they want to see.


We can pledge up to £1,000 to projects

Backed projects: