Why we are on Spacehive

As the UK’s leading leisure charitable social enterprise a lot of the work GLL do is about making communities better for everyone. We truly believe our services change lives for the better, and are committed to demonstrating this on a larger scale than ever before.

Our staff regularly run programmes offering their time, and our facilities to projects that get more people involved in their communities. In order to support their amazing work, we want to know what each and every individual community feels is the best way to get more people involved in their areas. As no one knows somewhere quite like those that are from, live, or work there, we’re delighted to be able to work with a platform that lets people share their ideas, and tell us how we can help. We’re offering the use of our spaces, the time of our staff, and cash funding, to anyone who believes in improving their community as much as we do, and wants to do something about it.

What we're offering


We have the following Funds on Spacehive, offering a total of £100000 to relevant projects. To apply, create your project idea and if you're matched, submit us a pitch!


Helping you with cash, stuff, and skills

We want to help you make your community’s heart beat faster by pledging up to £5k to projects that get people active


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