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{{ 'About' | translate }} The Sefton Crowd

We want to give our communities, local groups and volunteers the backing and support they need to improve Sefton. #SeftonCrowd brings people across the borough together through incredible ideas and projects that our communities want to see happen. We want to support local good ideas that improve and maintain our beautiful borough, while giving everyone the opportunity to join in and support a whole host of different projects.

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Kettle Companion - Connecting Loved Ones
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We've been working on a project called the Kettle Companion in Crosby which is all about connecting loved ones and building community in an easy non-intrusive manner. With people alone and shielding in these worrying covid19 times it's even more important than ever that we find ways to connect with each other. The idea behind the Kettle Companion is very simple. When a member of community boils their kettle for a cuppa in the morning it sends a signal to our Internet Cloud platform. You have a miniature kettle in your home which glows in different colours. Blue means they've not had their cuppa yet, Green means all is well and they are OK. After 10am the kettle glows red to alert you you might want to give them a call to check up, and you get an SMS on your phone too if you wish. It's that simple, and it's a surprisingly lovely feeling to walk past a "green" kettle during the day and know your loved ones are OK, wherever they are in the world!

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Maghull Community Card
Maghull Community Card joined The Sefton Crowd2 weeks ago

Following the COVID-19 crisis, it is now more important than ever that we support our local community. We want to stimulate local businesses and particularly support those that have been impacted by the lockdown. We also wish to help those local residents, many of them local business owners, whose income has been affected during this period. The Maghull Community Card allows us to do both of these things, and:- - Will encourage local residents to shop in the local area, stimulating the area’s economy. - Create local jobs. More local shopping means more jobs for our community. - Improve the local environment – local shopping means less transportation costs and fewer miles covered by shoppers in cars. - Support the area. More businesses, and the income that generates for the council, will benefit all of us. Keeping our money local is best for our local economy!

Viva Latinfest Southport
Viva Latinfest Southport joined The Sefton Crowd2 weeks ago

The free community festival would combine Latin American music, dance, entertainment, food, crafts and other cultural activities to highlight the multi-cultural nature of Latin America, the Borough and wider City region, allowing expression of individuals’ and communities’ cultural identity in accordance with their human rights. The Festival will provide an opportunity for the public, including people from the local area not usually involved in cultural events in the town centre, to participate. It is proposed that Viva Latinfest and the International Slavery Museum jointly prepare a cultural rights exhibition along Lord St or the Promenade to encourage festival goers and local residents alike to reflect on the theme of cultural heritage and identity. <b>*We will continue to be guided by safety considerations. In the event of needing to reschedule the festival, we will communicate this via our Spacehive page.*</b>

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

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