About Crowdfund Wolves

About Crowdfund Wolves

Crowdfund Wolves connects people, ideas and support, enabling you to shape Wolverhampton's future

Do you love Wolverhampton? Are you proud of your city? We are looking for unusual, interesting and innovative ideas to make Wolverhampton even better. Crowdfund Wolves is a new platform that connects people, communities and businesses to everything they need to make their idea a reality. Anyone can back the great ideas on this site and play their part in bringing them to life. Have a look through the fantastic projects and see how you can help. Crowdfund Wolves wants to unearth the local talent, natural innovation and creativity of the people of Wolverhampton. Using Crowdfund Wolves we can all play our part to enhance the city for future generations, get the support we need and raise necessary funds that will bring your ideas to life.

Areas of interest

Sport & Play Parks & Gardens Arts & Culture Buildings Food & Farming Streets & Infrastructure
Helped the environment Boosted the economy Increased volunteering, jobs & education Supported arts, culture & heritage Promoted activity & leisure

Created by City of Wolverhampton

Crowdfund Wolves is an initiative run by the City of Wolverhampton.

More Information

Our vision is to enable the people of the city to shape Wolverhampton for the future, making it an even better place. We want to tap into the passion and skills of the people of Wolverhampton and support their ideas to help the city reach its full potential.

We have a history of pulling together to make things happen, 150 years ago, the citizens of Wolverhampton ‘crowdfunded’ the statue of Prince Albert – the much loved ‘man on the horse’ which was unveiled by Queen Victoria in her first public appearance following the death of Prince Albert.

We are now partnering with Spacehive to make Crowdfund Wolves the place to connect your ideas with the resources to make them happen.

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