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Asylum art gallery
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Asylum art gallery in Chapel Ash has been running four years providing a free space to develop and showcase artwork. Weve worked with Gecko providing internships to Erasmus students and local Universities and colleges, supported local communities events and celebrations such as City of sanctuary, The Junction Festival, 'Untold' the 70th anniversary of the partition of India and Pakistan, exhibited group postgraduate shows, regular poetry evenings, live music with local bands and held discussions after political activist events. We have another 12 months of events and mentoring planned and would like to keep offering this as a free space as our remit our priority is to give free access to those who don't have the capacity to go through mainstream institutions. We have just formed as a company with a view to sustaining funding for core costs but any donations made will continue our work until this is secured and allow us to continue offering this free resource for regeneration.

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29 March 2018
Please support our newest Crowdfund Wolves Projects

It's been a busy couple of weeks following our launch event at the Light House Media Centre on 20 March.

We are proud to say that we now have three projects live on the site - Digi-Space Sound Studio; Walk Wolverhampton War Memorials; and Let's Engage, Good Shepherd. They're all brilliant projects. Please take a look and see which ones you'd like to support.

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Lets Engage, Good Shepherd
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We are a charity in Wolverhampton which opens in the daytime 7 days a week to serve hot wholesome meals to the most isolated and needy in society to tackle the issue of food poverty. Whilst clients enjoy a hot meal in a safe environment we provide support on various issues and signpost to agencies across the city. We reach out to the marginalised in society who feel they are not excepted in society, having none or little money these individuals are socially excluded. By expanding our day time provision between 5:30 and 8:30 we can encourage and work with a small number of clients,trying new things and helping them find their passion as a positive diversion from their challenging and current lifestyles. Activities will include life skills, sport, art and recreational activities tailored around volunteers and clients. We will engage with some of the clients at the night shelter offering them a chance to partake in these sessions, giving them a safe place to socialise. .

Digi-Space Sound & Image Studio
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We want to create a brand new Digi-Space for local young people to come and be creative, to use and develop their talents to realise their potential. This will provide young people with state of the art equipment which they wouldn't normally have access to. During the summer we will put on an exhibition to showcase the young people's work. We are so excited about the prospect of getting project Digi-Space off the ground. Inspiring youngsters to discover, develop and celebrate their creative talents.

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