Wolverhampton's "Box Crops" Urban Farm

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Wolverhampton's "Box Crops" Urban Farm

Wolverhampton's "Box Crops" Urban Farm

Oliver Thomas By Oliver Thomas

Think 'hydroponics farm in a box'. Supplying sustainably grown produce to the people of Wolverhampton and reinvesting a portion of profits back into the community .

Wolverhampton Idea stage

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We want to turn a plot of unused land in Wolverhampton into a fully functioning urban hydroponics farm, by converting a reclaimed shipping container into an uber-sustainable windowless greenhouse. Producing fresh & organic vegetables, herbs and leafy greens in an environmentally friendly way, and selling the produce to local markets, businesses and people. Our aim is to reinvest a portion of profits into local initiatives so that wealth is retained within the city and directly benefits the local community. The project will also opperate as a platform of education to inform local people of the social and environmental consequences of food production and how thinking sustainably and creatively, can offer real solutions. Hopefully we can encourage a positive change. Your pledges and donations will allow us to obtain the shipping container and retro-fit it with the equipment required to turn this idea into a reality

What we'll deliver:

  • Turn unused space into a sustainable urban farm
  • Produce fresh veg, herbs and leafy greens in a reclaimed shipping container using hydroponics
  • Sell produce locally
  • Reinvest a portion of profits back into local initiatives
  • Create a platform of education on sustainable food production

Why it's a great idea:

Plants can grow anywhere! even in a shipping container! All they need is light; water; nutrients; air and a comfortable place to lay their roots. Using hydroponics, racking, some LED lighting and a climate control system powered by renewable electricity we can stack food crops in vertical layers - producing vast amounts of sustainable food in a tiny amount of space.Being self contained, means you overcome the seasonal constraints too. Meaning food ALL YEAR ROUND! For example, one 40 ft hydroponic shipping container with a footprint of 320 sqft, can produce 10X - 30X more food in a year (depending on the crop), compared to conventional methods. Whilst using 97% less water, and ZERO PESTICIDES! More food with less resources means more profits! Which in turn means more money to reinvest into local initiatives, educational workshops, and expansion. Lets grow sustainable communities together!

Steps to get it done:

  • Land Acquisition
  • Container purchase/acquisition
  • Connection to Utilities
  • Procurement of Hydroponics Kit
  • Container Preparation and installation
  • Production

Food is something we all need to survive but we sometimes aren't aware of the dramatic impacts our global agricultural industry has on the natural environment, or how western society's demand for food puts significant strain on rural communities in poorer nations. Food security is expected to become more of a pressing issue with the continued increase in global population, coupled with the negative impacts of climate change. Vertical farming could help to mitigate these issues improving efficiency of production. The local production and distribution model will also reduce the food miles from farm to fork, reducing the overall environmental impact of our eating habits. Box Crops Wolverhampton seeks to expose the benefits of such a method and demonstrate how creative thinking and breaking with convention can help to alleviate the problems we face. By empowering people to make informed choices we hope to facilitate the transition towards sustainable consumption.


Location Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton has 6 other projects and £335,000 in potential grant funding

About the space

Within the city Centre - location TBC


Wolverhampton City Council

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