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The Havering Together crowdfunding programme and the associated Havering Together Innovation fund is running a Spring 2021 funding round in with a deadline of the 25th of March to get involved. Along with pledges from your local community, there is an opportunity to get up to £5,000 from the council towards your crowdfunding campaign.  See the tab below to find out more! ----------- During the coronavirus crisis we have seen the amazing resilience, innovation and compassion of people within our community. As we emerge from the current coronavirus crisis, this programme will enable organisations to develop projects which tackle some of these new emerging challenges and opportunities. It is hoped that this programme will become a springboard for a locally-led rebuild and revival where residents and organisations with project ideas have the ability to attract funding from their communities, the council, local businesses and foundations all in one place.


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Community Workshops with Abeille Theatre
Community Workshops with Abeille Theatre joined Havering Together16 mins ago

Do you enjoy the performing arts? Do you have a love for the performing arts? Would you like to have a safe space to tap into your creative juices/creativity? Incubate community projects are working in unison with Abeille Theatre and would like to share our love for the performing arts by offering a selection of workshops for you to choose from to attend. Currently these will be run virtually, with potential for them to be run in person. If you have a love for dance and movement, then the dance workshop is for you. If you have a love for expressing yourself through song and voice, then community singing is the workshop for you. Finally, if you have a love for expressing yourself through written word, then our workshop titled 'The Written Word - Exploring Storytelling Through Writing' is the workshop for you! Additionally, it is important to note that these sessions are completely free to attend!

Community Food Growing at Bedfords Park hit its fundraising target!1 month ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Roots of Growth: Construction skills
Roots of Growth: Construction skills joined Havering Together1 month ago

The Friends of Park Lane Park are a group of local voluntary mums and dads, grandmas and grandads and grown up children that want to make the area we live in a better place, and key to that is having somewhere to go, that is safe, welcoming and free. A better place for us, our children and our children’s children. As part of this group in 2021 we are working with a local college to provide a ‘real’ environment for young people studying construction skills. The park is in need of improvements to, and additional, fencing, planting and seating. We are therefore providing a place for the young people to practice their skills and at the same time have a positive impact in improving their local area for many years to come. However we need to provide the materials to these young people to enable them to do the works and that is where we are hoping local companies can support us and either provide some funds for us to buy the necessary materials or even provide the materials themselves.

The Digital AGE
The Digital AGE joined Havering Together1 month ago

We would like to purchase hardware and W-Fi from an organisation called Sparko to help 25 older take part in on-line recreational activities and additionally engage with others outside the home. It works via a HDMI port that is plugged into a TV. Older people will access activity on-line through sessions including art classes, drawing and painting, chair exercise (e.g. yoga) and group activities such as singing. It also enables access to external services (e.g. handyman or gardener). Many older people are presently required to shield and accessing this technology will alleviate the boredom and isolation caused by this. It is possible that as more older people access on-line facilities in future this simple mode of access via the TV will be noted for its role as an important tool to help older people successfully get through the many challenges caused by Covid19. Significant improvements will be seen in Mental and Physical Health; less older people will be digitally excluded.

Defibrillator for Elm Park Community
Defibrillator for Elm Park Community joined Havering Together1 month ago

We want to raise the money to provide a defibrillator in Elm Park town centre. The Royal British Legion Elm Park celebrate their 75th Birthday this year and to mark the occasion, this is where it will be based. We are part of the Elm Park Regeneration Group which works closely with other Elm Park community groups, such as the Horticultural Guild and the London in Bloom Committee as volunteers. We have common aims to keep the town centre tidy and to look after our communal areas for residents and businesses. We maintain a community area with a miniature train, planters and a noticeboard to the left of Elm Park Station and a community flower bed outside the station as well as the rest of the centre in general.

Havering Mind Garden Project
Havering Mind Garden Project joined Havering Together1 month ago

The 2020 COVID 19 pandemic has meant that sadly our usual way of ‘doing things’ has had to change and thus our usual ‘face to face’ groups and activities have ceased through the majority of 2020, due partly to the insufficient space we have to hold group sessions – the cornerstone of our service provision. The lack of face to face and group contact for our service users and peers has undoubtedly had a negative effect on them – 000s of local people. This project aims to fill that void by transforming a currently highly underutilised garden that is located at the back of our offices, into a large useable space, in which our service users can get great benefit and use from. The project will be run by our staff team at Havering Mind, and we will utilise our large client/volunteer base through each step of the project, involving design, building and maintenance of all aspects.

3 projects started fundraising!1 month ago
Brookside Theatre Window Appeal
Brookside Theatre Window Appeal joined Havering Together1 month ago

Brookside Theatre is an integral part of the community and the central focus for Arts and Culture in Romford. The windows of this important community asset are in a terrible state of disrepair and URGENTLY need replacing if the theatre is able to reopen its doors when safe to do so, following COVID-19 and government forced closure. The original wooden frames are now dangerous, rotten and barely hold the glass. Not only would new windows greatly improve public safety but also the aesthetics, security and energy efficiency of these historic buildings. As an entirely self-funded project we have to look to our friends, patrons and supporters for their kind help.

Secret Blind Garden Braille Improvements hit its fundraising target!4 months ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!