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Town centres and high streets are at the centre of communities, now more than ever. And it’s local communities that have always shaped the places and spaces in those areas. Crowdfund Camden, created by Camden Council and the Future High Streets Fund, is here to support projects that transform our communities, from planting greenery to starting initiatives for the community, from painting murals to events & activities, and so much more. Help us create more inclusive, sustainable and vibrant town centres and high streets in Camden. Pitch your project by 14th December. As part of this crowdfunding programme, as well as attracting pledges from people and organisations with an interest in your project, you can also receive a pledge of up to £5,000 or up to 50% of your costs (up to 75% in exceptional circumstances) from the council. The new funding round is launching on Wednesday 19th October at 2pm with an in-person launch event in Kilburn. See below for details of how to sign up!

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Immersive Rockstar Experience for Camden
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Many people dream of being in a rock band or playing along to their favourite pop songs. The problem however is that it takes years of practice in order to get good enough to do so. As a result, many people are put off learning an instrument or give up too soon. At Be the Band, we’re on a mission to make group music-making accessible for the whole community – regardless of age, ability, or previous musical experience. To do this we use innovative technology that enables participants to perform their favourite songs from the very first session, allowing everyone to experience the joy of performing. Since 2020 we’ve operated a mobile service – visiting schools and giving workshops to pupils. Now for the first time, we're looking to open a semi-permanent home where we can make our sessions available to the wider community. We have already identified and secured the perfect location. With your help, we will occupy the space so the people of Camden can all become rockstars!

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