Peruvian artist Gisella Stapleton explains: "The design has a heart in the center for the certainty that all of us who live far away from home "carry our land in our hearts". I wanted to integrate something that would unite us as a people without borders, that's why I decided to include natural regions that cross borders with elements of our biodiversity, such as the mountains that go from north to south of South America, the bower with leaves that are from the tropics/Amazonian parts of our continent, corn as the basic food of many regions, the hummingbird that inhabits America from South to North and that has been and is so symbolic in many cultures. It also seemed important to me to include elements of the textile art of our communities: the typical flowers of the center's embroidery, details of Quechua, Aymara, Mapuche, Guaraní, Maya, Chibcha and Asháninka looms. For the indigenous cosmovision, I integrated the concept of Pachamama, which considers the environment as "All Life" and includes forests, grasslands, marine life, habitat and biodiversity. Each element has a symbolic meaning that defines the relationship of these Peoples with the land and that constitutes the physical, cultural and spiritual basis of their existence. The Indigenous Groups have been and will continue to be guardians and protectors of the environment." What do you think? Do you like it?