London Borough of Barnet

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Why we are on Spacehive

Every year thousands of Barnet residents take part in community-based activities and it is this community spirit that helps make Barnet a great place to live and work. We know that our combined efforts to work together make a big difference and that's why we have chosen to work with Spacehive and our other partners – so we can support even more community participation, engagement and leadership.

This is a core part of the Council’s goal of building more involved and resilient communities – recognising that residents, business owners and other people want to be more involved in what happens in their community and that they are usually best placed to determine what is needed.

What we're offering


We have the following Funds on Spacehive, offering a total of £50000 to relevant projects. To apply, create your project idea and if you're matched, submit us a pitch!



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