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Wood Street Walls

Joined Spacehive on 02 October 2014

Wood Street Walls aims to:

  • Establish a creative space in Wood Street, repurposing old disused and derelict buildings
  • Provide local, up & coming, and world renowned artists with public spaces to showcase their work
  • Offer local businesses and residents the opportunity to make the area we live in unique and vibrant - attracting more visitors to the area, further boosting local trade
  • Give children and young adults the skills to help negotiate the spaces for artists to paint, while in return learning from the artists they support by way of artist masterclasses

Wood Street Walls is a supporter of independent shops, cafes, retaurants and pubs in the area and has witnessed businesses in Wood Street changing hands regularly. Our hope is that the development of the Wood Street Walls project & establishing a new creative space for the area will increase visitors to the area in turn increasing custom for businesses in Wood Street and beyond and hopefully keeping businesses in operation for longer.  enable businesses to remain in the area as visitors grow.