About Crowdfund Crawley

About Crowdfund Crawley


Created by Crawley Borough Council

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Crawley is a great place to both live and do business but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it even better. The Crowdfund Crawley initiative provides a new and exciting hub for the residents of Crawley to develop and share creative and innovative projects that will benefit the local community. Whatever the idea, from reclaiming waste ground for a pocket park to a community art project, Crowdfund Crawley is a way for you to shape Crawley through crowdfunding. If you have an idea for a project that will benefit your community then create a crowdfunding project page and become part of Crowdfund Crawley. If your project can show that you have the backing of the community then Crawley Borough Council may also pledge up to £5,000 to your project. See the below tabs on the process for more information.

Our Journey

2 projects started fundraising!1 month ago
Bodies - a play about cancer. hit its fundraising target!1 month ago

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The Mill Indoor Art Garden
The Mill Indoor Art Garden joined Crowdfund Crawley1 month ago

The Indoor Art Garden will contain sculpture, textiles and 2D artwork including painting and photography. The project will be co-delivered by artists and children who will work together to bring the children's ideas to life. The garden will have a seating area so that children can have a space for reflection and relaxation. It will be used as a play area during wet weather, as a space to promote friendships and tackle problems such as bullying, and as an area for creative activities. The area will be used for community sessions that will bring visiting schools and parents into the school to participate in creative activities. This will help to foster relationships by spending quality time together in a unique environment. The garden will be situated in a key area of the school so that it is visible to staff, pupils, parents and visitors - this will give the children involved a real sense of pride and achievement as their work will be central to the school environment.

Outdoor gym in Broadfield
Outdoor gym in Broadfield joined Crowdfund Crawley1 month ago

<b>We are awaiting landowner permission. In the unlikely event that this is not secured, no money will be taken from backers.</b> Outdoor exercise is good for everyone. We want to provide facilities to encourage people to increase their physical activity to improve their wellbeing and tackle our growing waistlines! We know that going to a gym or exercise class fills some people with horror. Equipment that encourages the least active to have a go, in their local environment, without pressure to perform is the way to go. The Broadfield Community Centre is a vibrant thriving resource; we welcome hundreds of people every week. Children's play equipment has recently been installed and we want to provide an opportunity for adults to exercise.

Multicultural Crawley hit its fundraising target!3 months ago

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Caroline Haslett Memorial Project hit its fundraising target!4 months ago

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