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{{ 'About' | translate }} Crowdfund Crawley

We hold free information sessions throughout the year, for the next date and to reserve a space see the Events tab above! Crawley is a great place to both live and do business but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it even better. The Crowdfund Crawley initiative provides a new and exciting hub for the residents of Crawley to develop and share creative and innovative projects that will benefit the local community. Whatever the idea, from reclaiming waste ground for a pocket park to a community art project, Crowdfund Crawley is a way for you to shape Crawley through crowdfunding. If you have an idea for a project that will benefit your community then create a crowdfunding project page and become part of Crowdfund Crawley. If your project can show that you have the backing of the community then Crawley Borough Council may also pledge up to £5,000 to your project. See the below tabs on the process for more information.

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Help Chagos go to the World cup
Help Chagos go to the World cup joined Crowdfund Crawley1 month ago

We are the volunteer run Chagos islands national team based in Crawley who have recently qualified for the Conifa World Cup, against some large countries and states such as Panjab, Western Armenia to name but a few. Our organisation is made up of second and third generation c Chagossians who are primarily based in Crawley and who are looking to keep their culture and heritage alive in the best way they know through football. However, playing on the international stage isn’t easy, with a global population of around 3000 Chagossians we regularly compete against some large countries and states. North Cyprus, Western Armenia, Western Sahara, Darfur - some of which have populations well in excess of 120 Million people. We offer our boys FA qualified coaching and are run purely on donations from supporters and football fans. We are looking to this summer start up a Chagos / Mauritius youth football club where we can offer young people of Crawley a place to train and be coached.

Top Class Handball for Crawley
Top Class Handball for Crawley joined Crowdfund Crawley1 month ago

Train the people to become referees, coaches at level 1 or 2 and welfare officers. We wish to recruit the people who want to be involved in educating the community with sport. For the next year our goals are to grow our teams, both male and female, register them to the existing leagues and build youth teams for U16 and U19 categories, boys and girls. But for this we need more trained staff, more equipment, with which we will be able to deliver more professional training sessions and/or workshops.

Footsteps to Fitness
Footsteps to Fitness joined Crowdfund Crawley1 month ago

Improving our physical health is a good way to improve our overall wellbeing. However, it is difficult for many of us to start exercising or find an activity that suits us. Many of us suffer a lack of confidence in our abilities, are worried about how we'd manage in a class of fit people or don’t feel that an exercise class is the right place for us. Cultural barriers mean public classes aren't always suitable. Timings and costs can put us off too. We know that finding the right activity, teacher and environment is vital in taking the first footsteps to fitness. Our project will provide a range of daytime activities that help people to enjoy exercise. We will run fun, low key, gentle activities, developed to meet the physical and cultural needs of our participants; activities that people will want to join in with. Gyms aren’t for everyone but a friendly dance fitness class or a wellbeing walk around a beautiful, local park could be the introduction to exercise that people need.

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