About Crowdfund Crawley

About Crowdfund Crawley


Created by Crawley Borough Council

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Crawley is a great place to both live and do business but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it even better. The Crowdfund Crawley initiative provides a new and exciting hub for the residents of Crawley to develop and share creative and innovative projects that will benefit the local community. Whatever the idea, from reclaiming waste ground for a pocket park to a community art project, Crowdfund Crawley is a way for you to shape Crawley through crowdfunding. If you have an idea for a project that will benefit your community then create a crowdfunding project page and become part of Crowdfund Crawley. If your project can show that you have the backing of the community then Crawley Borough Council may also pledge up to £5,000 to your project. See the below tabs on the process for more information.

Our Journey

Broadfield Arts Festival 2019
Broadfield Arts Festival 2019 joined Crowdfund Crawley3 days ago

Building on the success of the first edition of the Broadfield Art Exhibition in 2018, we are now fundraising to develop a programme of visual and performance arts for the second edition, the Broadfield Arts Festival in the summer of 2019. Broadfield Arts Festival is a celebration of the creative and cultural talent of Broadfield through a glorious art exhibition and performance day. It will enable children, young people and adults, who would not otherwise get the opportunity, to work with artists, learn new skills, showcase their own artwork, perform and be part of a big event. The Broadfield Art Exhibition had 192 exhibits of art, photography, crafts and sculptures, with a broad range of talent from very young children to adults. We would like to expand our efforts in using the arts to give fresh life and a lift to the local area. The Broadfield Arts Festival will add dance, pavement stencil art, textiles to decorate barriers along the shopping parade, music and performances.

Discover Crawley Together
Discover Crawley Together joined Crowdfund Crawley3 days ago

Crawley has a wide range of fantastic public spaces all providing huge potential to inspire and engage its residents. This project will encourage families to explore and learn in these great places through a series of free community events over the year. Events will be designed to encourage families to learn together through themed activities which, as well as being great fun, will support numeracy, literacy and wider learning in areas such as history and wellbeing. Free events will be held across Crawley in parks, museums, libraries and other community spaces, encouraging residents to visit some of the places that they may not have considered visiting before. Whatever the activity, everyone will enjoy the time together and come away with a greater sense of the fabulous community they are part of. It is important to us that these events are free to families on the day but we still need your help to make them happen. Even £2 will go a long way.

Seymour School Bicycle Shelter
Seymour School Bicycle Shelter joined Crowdfund Crawley1 week ago

Seymour Primary is working with the sustainable transport charity, Sustrans. This work has aimed on empowering children to make the move toward travelling to school in a more sustainable way, namely cycling. The importance of cycling and as a mode of transport has never been higher and is seen as a key component to combating issues such as climate change, traffic congestion and lack of physical activity. These issues are particularly acute as Seymour Primary is situated in a deprived part of Crawley with high levels of obesity and traffic congestion. Currently many of the bicycles are currently spending the day in the rain and unsecured. This has been a barrier to further increasing numbers of children actively travelling to school. We would love to see more children empowered to make the move toward active travel at Seymour Primary.

The Mill Indoor Art Garden hit its fundraising target!1 months ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Wheelchair Swing & HAT for MPCC hit its fundraising target!1 months ago

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Outdoor gym in Broadfield hit its fundraising target!1 months ago

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