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About Crowdfund Crawley


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We are holding a free workshop on the 7th of May - see the Events tab above for more information! Crawley is a great place to both live and do business but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it even better. The Crowdfund Crawley initiative provides a new and exciting hub for the residents of Crawley to develop and share creative and innovative projects that will benefit the local community. Whatever the idea, from reclaiming waste ground for a pocket park to a community art project, Crowdfund Crawley is a way for you to shape Crawley through crowdfunding. If you have an idea for a project that will benefit your community then create a crowdfunding project page and become part of Crowdfund Crawley. If your project can show that you have the backing of the community then Crawley Borough Council may also pledge up to £5,000 to your project. See the below tabs on the process for more information.

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The women’s centre is a place where members of the local community concerned with women’s and gender-related issues could access the resources needed. Women will be able share space and information in order to work together toward common goals. Women’s and gender-related issues will be the main focus so that the needs of women will continue to be addressed. PRESENCE will benefit mainly isolated and in-need women as Rivers continues to empower women seeking to improve their lifestyles and Rivers will support them to remove obstacles and challenges along the way. The wider community also seeks to benefit from investing in local women helping to grow, develop and inspire them. Encouraging community engagements enables women to better understand the community they live in and allows for organisations to better understand the complicate needs of our local women.

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Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

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Sensory garden
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The Parents and Friends Association (PFA) is a fundraising charity and support organisation for the Special Support Centre (SSC) which is based at Desmond Anderson Primary Academy in Crawley. The SSC is dedicated to the education and development of children with autism throughout the area. We would like to submit a project related to the replacement of the old sensory garden. All the children in the SSC have sensory processing disorder, so all sensory experiences are very valuable to them. The little area provides water and bubbles both of which they control using buttons and both currently broken. There are also sensory plants and a crazy mirror. The area has been used so much by the children it has literally worn out.

Outdoor Gym/Shelter
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Last year, a member of staff underwent Forest Schools Training and has been given the role here at the school as our Outdoor Environment Lead. We had a biodome (greenhouse) in place and since Marie has taken on her role she has been creating a fantastic outdoor area beside the biodome for the children to explore and grow plants. We have purchased waterproof trousers and jackets for the children and tools to use whilst outside. Also, we purchased some willow screening and shrubs to edge the environmental area along with an amazing mud kitchen which the children have had great fun using. We can now take groups of children outside into the new area to teach them about conservation, exploring the outside world and growing their own fruit and vegetables but only in good weather hence the need for an outdoor shelter. We would also love to have an outdoor gym for the children. We recently introduced the Daily Mile which the children thoroughly enjoy.

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