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Avonmore Library - Reading Nook
Avonmore Library - Reading Nook joined Hammersmith & Fulham Hive1 day ago

Reading nooks offer relaxed, quiet places for children to retreat to and explore reading. They are not just for reading, either. A nook is great for drawing and writing. A reading nook is the perfect way to establish a private spot in the library for children. The aim of the reading nook is to: • Create a fun reading environment for children. • Create more storage space in the library for books.

SPACE GAP - London Design Festival 2018
SPACE GAP - London Design Festival 2018 joined Hammersmith & Fulham Hive1 day ago

We are looking for funding to construct a pavilion that sets out to educate, stimulate and challenge people’s perceptions on London’s housing crisis. It will be a meeting place, a stage and a platform for people to meet, speak and investigate the issues that are so pertinent and sharp today. The pavilion is a facilitator and agitator for the true work which must be undertaken in order to foster change. We are creating a programme of events that will run over the course of the London Design Festival, this will include panel discussions, lectures, debates, film screenings and performances that straddle such issues as; the inequality of space provision in the city, homelessness, overcrowding, empty homes, social housing, architectural design, environments and space standards for housing. We want to help bring the issues of the space gap to the fore. We’re asking for £8,000 to build and run the events and exhibitions. Please help us make this happen!

Community Party in The Park
Community Party in The Park joined Hammersmith & Fulham Hive4 days ago

As part of our year round series of events to mark our 30th anniversary, we would like everyone to join us in the park for a day out. We will have activities for children and families, games, sports activities, temporary tattoos, art and craft activities, face painting and many more. Water will be provided during the event, and we encourage everyone to bring along a picnic and share if they wish. Help us make this event happen, and do come along for a family fun day out.


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