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Create A Community Kitchen For Sands End
Create A Community Kitchen For Sands End joined Hammersmith & Fulham Hive2 weeks ago

Our existing kitchen is many years old, in disrepair, and has limited use. We want to update it into a modern and thriving community kitchen. The refit will have a customised area for children to prepare and cook food. The refitting will be carried out by a local professional builder, with fixtures and fittings sourced by our local branch of Howden's. Howden's have given us a generous discount, but we still need your help to fund the rest of the work! Our community kitchen will be available to SEAPIA's users, as well as the wider community, including local services - Foodbank, local schools, sheltered housing, and health services. It will create opportunities that will empower participants to share skills, experience foods from other cultures, as well as deliver workshops on healthy eating, food hygiene, budgeting skills, and bake-offs!

Our Place - White City Over 50's Centre
Our Place - White City Over 50's Centre joined Hammersmith & Fulham Hive2 weeks ago

We want to see the Over 50's Building renovated and opened up for use by local community. We'll work with the council to open the building up to residents to see the space (and extent of the project) and brainstorm ideas for potential uses. These might include space for parties, premises for local projects (for example the original over 50's project or the local youth club), coffee shop with swap shop etc. We'll then get full structural surveys and fundraise to cover the costs of the building works. The second stage of the project, which will be subject to further funding, will be to implement the agreed upon model of usage and a community led management structure to oversee this. We'll aim to make any model self-sustaining if possible, in order that it can continue to provide useful benefit to the community and be transferred into future community facility on the site when the council build on it at a later date.

Hammersmith iStreet
Hammersmith iStreet joined Hammersmith & Fulham Hive1 month ago

A smart phone app which will allow true one to one communication with our shoppers and retailers with full geo-fencing capability, a direct connection to a mobile and desktop optimised website which will also include the iBeacon technology. The Geo-Fencing and iBeacon technology will be a first for a BID in London, and it’s hoped in piloting this technology, that the platform will serve as a “best practice” and standard benchmark for a mobile application for other BIDs across London. Our technology partner’s vision is to deliver a comprehensive offering for HammersmithLondon, and to ultimately run trials in a number of other London BIDS, using the same technology. The technology is GPS based and the goal is to have a GPS based offering for London, where the smart phone will recognise just where the user is in London and to feed him/her information directly to their smart device which is context aware.

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YOUTH CLUBS FOR WEST LONDON W6 joined Hammersmith & Fulham Hive1 month ago

After over 6 years of working in this disparate area, we have found that there are areas of deprivation in the two estates (Field Road & Bayonne) juxtaposed with more affluent areas. As a Church we are well placed to be aware of the areas of need, and to be recognised as an impartial and trusted advocate for youth in our area, and a partner with others. Our aim is to serve the local community through the provision of good quality youth and community work, which will engage young people and encourage them to build positive relationships. We have over 40 volunteers giving 750 hours a year to our local young people. Approx. 200 local young people pass through our youth work every year. We hold two free, action packed youth clubs in our church hall every Thursday. In order for the youth club to be the best it can be, we want to make improvements to the facilities in the church. By pledging to this campaign you will help provide a safe space with high quality equipment and activities!

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