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Our next deadline is 20th April 2022 .Get involved... --------------- Our towns, villages and communities are the strength of Kirklees. Local people have asked us to do more to recognise this. We all have a stake in the places where we live, work or visit. So we’re celebrating our places by encouraging more great ideas. You might have a little idea that can have a big impact by bringing a place together. Or you might need some help growing support for an ambitious project that’s just getting started. We want you to feel able to influence your community’s future. Please get involved and help the movement to grow - pitch your ideas, back any projects you like and let other people know. Growing Great Places is all about bringing people and places together. It’s part of our work to grow a stronger local democracy here in Kirklees, from the ground up. If you have any questions please contact: GrowingGreatPlaces@kirklees.gov.uk

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6 projects started fundraising!1 month ago
Huddersfield Lights Out
Huddersfield Lights Out joined Growing Great Places1 month ago

On 25/09 and hopefully also then to become a annual event. Where the whole of Huddersfield turns off their lights so we can view the amazing night sky above us and highlight light pollution and energy useage. The date chosen is the new moon in September giving us the darkest sky to view the stars. We have backing from Kirklees council who are also helping out with turning street lights off for us too. We plan on hosting a event up at castle hill with entertainment and shows with a big countdown and switch off at midnight. We have backing from local MP Jason mcartney. We have backing from our local green minister Andrew cooper. We hope this will become a annual event for Huddersfield. We have a Facebook group with 4000 members. This will be the first night sky event of its kind and we want to lead the way in doing so.

Linthwaite community foraging orchard
Linthwaite community foraging orchard joined Growing Great Places1 month ago

A bid for 105 fruit foraging trees to provide perimeter cover and soft security for the properties that border the southern boundary. 135m2 of bark chipped pathway will be created to allow access for the foraging and fruit trees. These will be boarded by timber boards and lined with weed-proof material. the boards will be held in place with wooden stakes. The foraging trees will not be protected using tree tubes, the local rabbit population has been decimated by a combination of myxomatosis and intestinal disease. However, the fruit trees will be protected by tree tubes and held in place by bamboo stakes.

New Mill Scout Hut replacement
New Mill Scout Hut replacement joined Growing Great Places1 month ago

We want to build a new scout hut unit that is slightly bigger than the current one we have. We have looked at options such as a timber-framed cabin and recycled storage containers. The current scout hut is beyond reasonable repair; however, it does get used twice a week. We would like the unit to become used more

Holme Deliveries
Holme Deliveries joined Growing Great Places1 month ago

By funding the early days of Cargo Holme you will be helping to put our e-cargo bike to the test. You'll get a chance to join us on our journey as we travel around the Holme Valley supporting events, community projects, local businesses and schools and drum up business for the future that doesn't damage the environment. Together we can all be part of a trail - blazing, cleaner, greener way to transport goods in the Holme Valley by e-cargo bike.

Dewsbury Live Literature Nights
Dewsbury Live Literature Nights joined Growing Great Places1 month ago

Dewsbury Live Lit Nights are monthly events for authors to meet readers and readers to meet good books and their authors. Each event features an author who will read to audiences from their books. The readings will be dynamic and engaging. Readings will be followed by lively discussion and informal Q&A. This is a space that welcomes everyone. This is not a book club. Audiences may or may not have read the book. The evenings include food, readings, and a chance for people to get to know one another. The aim is to create spaces where we come together to hear about books (sometimes for the first time), meet the authors, be read to, share good food, and make friends. The events will be free to attend.

Holme Valley Riverside Way Revamp
Holme Valley Riverside Way Revamp joined Growing Great Places1 month ago

The Riverside Way is a 9.6 miles long linear footpath, and could be a fantastic resource for Holme valley residents (linking several of the villages such as Holme, Holmbridge, Honley and Armitage Bridge via Holmfirth town centre). The footpath ends in the centre of Huddersfield, and could be used for commuting and accessing the town centre. The path traverses a mix of habitats from open meadows to ancient semi-natural woodland, and passes numerous sites of industrial heritage. A detailed walkover survey and report identified a wide variety of work that is required to improve the route, and includes costs for the works. A project officer will lead volunteer tasks, to deliver much of the route improvement work, during the one year project.

Dewsbury Jubilee Parties! hit its fundraising target!1 month ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

Dewsbury Jubilee Parties! hit its fundraising target!1 month ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!