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We want everyone to be able to take part in making the places where they live, work and play better. Our towns, villages and communities are the strength of Kirklees. Local people have asked us to do more to recognise this. So we’re celebrating our places by encouraging more great ideas. You might have a little idea that can have a big impact by bringing a place together. Or you might need some help growing support for an ambitious project that’s just getting started. We want you to feel able to influence your community’s future. Please get involved and help the movement to grow - pitch your ideas, back any projects you like and let other people know. Growing Great Places is all about bringing people and places together. It’s part of our work to grow a stronger local democracy here in Kirklees, from the ground up. Visit News & Events to register for the next launch event on Monday 20th March! If you have any questions please contact:

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Quarry Hill Centre Community Hub hit its fundraising target!1 week ago

Brilliant news, thanks everyone!

The Newsome Centre (Phase 1) Purchase
The Newsome Centre (Phase 1) Purchase joined Growing Great Places1 month ago

From a redundant church we will create a vibrant community café with free wifi. It will also be an entertainment and small conference venue. It will be a place where people can come together, meet socially 7 days a week. There will be comfortable seating and tables, with a main hall to accommodate 150 people and seminar rooms also with multi media facilities each accommodating around 25 people round tables It will be an entertainment venue for concerts, plays, films and a place where people can celebrate their marriage and other family events. We will aim to be a zero carbon building with high levels of insulation and use of renewable energy. This will reflect our values but also make us a financially sustainable venue. While modernising the building we will respect the heritage of the building by retaining church features such as the pulpit and memorials . We do this out of respect but also to celebrate the heritage of the building in our community.

Linthwaite Leadboiler's Festival
Linthwaite Leadboiler's Festival joined Growing Great Places1 month ago

We want to ensure the sustainability of the Linthwaite Leadboilers festival that was restarted in 2018. To promote a feeling of unique identity and belonging for the residents of Linthwaite using the village folklore tale of residents trying to melt lead shot (during the Civil war) to disguise where it had come from, by boiling it in a cauldron of water! This tale has been given a Robin Hood twist by encouraging attendees to donate to our local foodbank by leaving donations on the day in a huge 3D cauldron! One of our founding principles is that the festival is free to attend and can be enjoyed at little to no cost, as we are aware that the summer can be an expensive time, and we do not wish to exclude anyone from celebrating 'all things Linfit'. We try to keep craft stalls and food providers as local as possible. All entertainment is free to take part and enjoy. Attendees are welcome to bring their own food and drinks. We aim to break even. All is organised by unpaid volunteers.

4 projects started fundraising!1 month ago
Grow our residents' community garden
Grow our residents' community garden joined Growing Great Places1 month ago

Happydays UK offers accommodation and support for people who are trying to regain their independence after having been street homeless. We believe that working and living as a community can help our residents to build their self-esteem and motivation. We have 12 residents in central Huddersfield who share a garden area, and we would love to start a gardening project with them. This would give them horticultural skills and a sense of achievement; it would create a space both for socialising and for sanctuary; and growing edible produce would create a further opportunity to extend their cooking skills.

Quarry Hill Centre Community Hub
Quarry Hill Centre Community Hub joined Growing Great Places1 month ago

We are a Youth Focused organisation catering for Kirklees Young People and Vulnerable Adults with various disabilities. Unfortunately, we have been subject to repeated acts of vandalism where the police have been informed and the fire brigade attended on three occasions. Damage to the roof caused water ingress damaging artwork of the additional needs’ children, the ceiling in both the art room and storeroom containing sports, games and other equipment. Toilet windows were smashed and had to be replaced, the fences have been burnt down along with damage to a large tree, the disabled ramp railings were torn down on several occasions and the guttering and down pipes smashed. So far it has cost over £2500 and most of the repairs have been done by volunteers. We would like to protect The Quarry Hill Centre and grounds with security cameras which will be both interactive, alerting us with live images, and recorded on a control box.

Pentland Colour Garden
Pentland Colour Garden joined Growing Great Places1 month ago

Our project is for our community led by the women and girls in our community. We want to create a space for women and girls to do something purposeful that feels like it is theirs. The women and girls in our community will have ownership over the project. The allotment will be used to create a colour garden whereby we will be growing natural dyes that the children can use in school. We will also be growing fruit and veg that can be used in school and parents can take home. We hope to encourage healthy eating amongst our community. We would also like for our children to understand where food comes from.

The Longest Day Festival Cleckheaton
The Longest Day Festival Cleckheaton joined Growing Great Places1 month ago

The Longest Day is a new music festival providing a full day of music and entertainment in the best event locations in the Cleckheaton Area, showcasing young and upcoming musicians and artists from the area and finishing off with amazing well known bands. The event promotes youth and new music and provides a fantasic opportunity for up and coming artists to play in a professional music festival alongside seasoned professionals. We will be utilising large venues and smaller more intimate performance areas, allowing for a breadth of talented artists to perform. We work with young people and the community to make this an amazing event open to all and providing an amazing opportunity to shine a light on Cleckheaton and what the town can offer.